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Project 365 #27

This post has two photos, which was unintentional. I had taken a photo of my new hard drive (I got two). I am excited to add some more space to my computer (I will have a total of six someday). … Continue reading

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Project 365 #24

Today I was at an all-day (9am-midnight) scrapbooking fundraiser at the Creative Memories home office for a Volleyball team to raise money to go to and compete for entrance into the Olympics. Amy, Margie, Mona and myself all went. We … Continue reading

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I love my co-workers

Working third shift is a pain. You get tired real easy, the nights can seem to drag on forever… But it helps when you have great co-workers that can make you laugh, and I mean laugh HARD! Tonight for instance. … Continue reading

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The Musty Old Tower

I have to say, that being on the Lightbringer server in World of Warcraft, I have seen more dungeon content than I ever had on Khadgar. That being said, yesterday the guys (Aram and Ryltar) took me on whirlwind tour … Continue reading

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Playing with the Big Boys

So many of you know that I like Playing WoW. (World of Warcraft). I have been a player since November 2006? I think. It all started out because my Best Friend Kellie and her Nephew told me that I would … Continue reading

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My New PC

Well, Most of you have heard me brag about my new PC, so I thought I should blog about it for those of you who don’t follow me on facebook. I got a new PC. I retired my laptop and … Continue reading

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My first Raid…about time!

So Tuesday (Feb. 10) was the first time I ever did a raid (a real raid) in World of Warcraft. My friend Troy had me go with the guild to AQ20 (Anh Qiraj 20-player). Wow… Before I go into detail, … Continue reading

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Creating Memories…

What a weekend.. We had Amy’s older sister, her fiance and their three children come down for the weekend so we could all go to the Afton Apple Orchard in Hastings. What a blast. I got off of work early … Continue reading

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Wha the Hell… Guys Weekend

Well… Where to start… I arrived Friday afternoon with my distant brother-in-law Aaron (who owns the trailer we were staying in) and unpacked. Jason and Ron were already there. They went off to golf while I unpacked groceries and listened … Continue reading

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Movin on up, to the NORTH side….

Well, we should be able to start moving in on Saturday. Hopefully… Guys weekend is this weekend too, I am a little worried… the gaggle of guys I am going with can get a little wild and crazy… wish me … Continue reading

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