Playing with the Big Boys

So many of you know that I like Playing WoW. (World of Warcraft). I have been a player since November 2006? I think.

It all started out because my Best Friend Kellie and her Nephew told me that I would love this game, they had accounts and I should join them online.

I tried it out, totally liked and and bought 3 accounts (1 for me and 1 each for my twin brother-in-laws so we could play together).

We would play a few nights a week together (I played everynight!)

We would have monthly LAN parties and all come to my house to play from 8am on a Saturday until early in the morning on Sunday. Loaded up on lots of junk food, pop and chocolate.

Around 2008, my best friend and her nephew fell of the face of the WoW world. They had a lot going on. My brother-in-law too. (My other Bro left the game after only a year).

So, i was basically alone.

I found a giuld to join and busted my but to get to level 70. So that I could raid with them. At this point, I still hadn’t seen really any of the big dungeons.

Then I met Katie and Troy through my wife (Katie went to high school with my wife).

Around the time that the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion came out, I found out that Troy played WoW and that he had a bunch of friends in Minnesota that played.

Getting bored with the game, playing by myself. I decided to create a character on his realm.

With the new expansion, you could create one Heroic class character that would start at level 55. This was a much better option than starting at level 1 all over again.

So I created the Death Knight and started playing occasionally on his realm (server).

It wasn’t shortly after that, that I enjoyed being with the guild (I actually got to meet the core members at a restaurant outing one night. It was a blast, everyone would introduce themselves as thier character name first, then their real name!)

I thne made the switch and made his realm my main realm.

With the guild I got to see a few more dungeons I hadn’t seen. A group of them (Ryltar, Thelrain, Swiftstorm and my friend Troy–Aram) took me through a few dungeons to help level my character up.

Then the summer hit and as what usually happens in WoW…not to many people are one (most people like enjoying the outside during the summer…me, not so much).

So, I concentrated on leveling up my character to 80. I finally got there sometime during the summer.

Tonight, was a sort of “welcome back” 5-main group to hit some heroic dailies (quests/raids that you can do daily to get points, money or some other object that will further you in the game).

So tonight, Rylta, Thel, Swift and I did Heroic Nexus and Heroic Culling of Stratholm (CoS). I had done nexus before, but at the last boss it bugged, and we never got to finish it. Finally got to finish it tonight. (Troy was supposed to go with tonight, but he had some house maintenance projects that had to be done before it rains. So he had a good excuse to miss out).

I had never seen the inside of CoS, so that was a real treat. The cool thing was, it was a throw back dungeon to the Warcraft III game. So it was cool to see the old favorites (Arthas, Jaina, Uther, Malganis, etc.) and fight along side (or with them) them once again.

Granted, I never know what I should be doing, becuase these guildies of mine are so powerful, they can just pretty much run in and start attacking 20 things at once and not have to really worry about it.

So, I just dive in and do whatever I can to bring the bosses down, without attracting more mobs or getting in the way.
I got lots of good loot, the guys game me some of their loot so that I would be better prepared next time (trying to get my armor up to where it should be) and they are creating a kick ass weapon for me!

I was nice to “play with the big boys” and see some of the content I have missed. I really enjoy playing with others. I really enjoy our guild, they are very laid back, always try and have fun more than anything, and its great to always hear them go back and forth with teasing.

I still miss my old realm/guild, and I do try and get on there once in awhile to play a little. But, definately, Lightbringer is my new home.

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