So many of you know that I like Play­ing WoW. (World of War­craft). I have been a play­er since Novem­ber 2006? I think.

It all start­ed out because my Best Friend Kel­lie and her Nephew told me that I would love this game, they had accounts and I should join them online.

I tried it out, total­ly liked and and bought 3 accounts (1 for me and 1 each for my twin broth­er-in-laws so we could play together).

We would play a few nights a week togeth­er (I played everynight!)

We would have month­ly LAN par­ties and all come to my house to play from 8am on a Sat­ur­day until ear­ly in the morn­ing on Sun­day. Loaded up on lots of junk food, pop and chocolate.

Around 2008, my best friend and her nephew fell of the face of the WoW world. They had a lot going on. My broth­er-in-law too. (My oth­er Bro left the game after only a year).

So, i was basi­cal­ly alone.

I found a giuld to join and bust­ed my but to get to lev­el 70. So that I could raid with them. At this point, I still had­n’t seen real­ly any of the big dungeons.

Then I met Katie and Troy through my wife (Katie went to high school with my wife).

Around the time that the Wrath of the Lich King Expan­sion came out, I found out that Troy played WoW and that he had a bunch of friends in Min­neso­ta that played.

Get­ting bored with the game, play­ing by myself. I decid­ed to cre­ate a char­ac­ter on his realm.

With the new expan­sion, you could cre­ate one Hero­ic class char­ac­ter that would start at lev­el 55. This was a much bet­ter option than start­ing at lev­el 1 all over again.

So I cre­at­ed the Death Knight and start­ed play­ing occa­sion­al­ly on his realm (serv­er).

It was­n’t short­ly after that, that I enjoyed being with the guild (I actu­al­ly got to meet the core mem­bers at a restau­rant out­ing one night. It was a blast, every­one would intro­duce them­selves as thi­er char­ac­ter name first, then their real name!)

I thne made the switch and made his realm my main realm.

With the guild I got to see a few more dun­geons I had­n’t seen. A group of them (Ryl­tar, Thel­rain, Swift­storm and my friend Troy–Aram) took me through a few dun­geons to help lev­el my char­ac­ter up.

Then the sum­mer hit and as what usu­al­ly hap­pens in WoW…not to many peo­ple are one (most peo­ple like enjoy­ing the out­side dur­ing the summer…me, not so much).

So, I con­cen­trat­ed on lev­el­ing up my char­ac­ter to 80. I final­ly got there some­time dur­ing the summer.

Tonight, was a sort of “wel­come back” 5‑main group to hit some hero­ic dailies (quests/raids that you can do dai­ly to get points, mon­ey or some oth­er object that will fur­ther you in the game).

So tonight, Ryl­ta, Thel, Swift and I did Hero­ic Nexus and Hero­ic Culling of Stratholm (CoS). I had done nexus before, but at the last boss it bugged, and we nev­er got to fin­ish it. Final­ly got to fin­ish it tonight. (Troy was sup­posed to go with tonight, but he had some house main­te­nance projects that had to be done before it rains. So he had a good excuse to miss out).

I had nev­er seen the inside of CoS, so that was a real treat. The cool thing was, it was a throw back dun­geon to the War­craft III game. So it was cool to see the old favorites (Arthas, Jaina, Uther, Mal­ga­n­is, etc.) and fight along side (or with them) them once again.

Grant­ed, I nev­er know what I should be doing, becuase these guildies of mine are so pow­er­ful, they can just pret­ty much run in and start attack­ing 20 things at once and not have to real­ly wor­ry about it.

So, I just dive in and do what­ev­er I can to bring the boss­es down, with­out attract­ing more mobs or get­ting in the way.
I got lots of good loot, the guys game me some of their loot so that I would be bet­ter pre­pared next time (try­ing to get my armor up to where it should be) and they are cre­at­ing a kick ass weapon for me!

I was nice to “play with the big boys” and see some of the con­tent I have missed. I real­ly enjoy play­ing with oth­ers. I real­ly enjoy our guild, they are very laid back, always try and have fun more than any­thing, and its great to always hear them go back and forth with teasing.

I still miss my old realm/guild, and I do try and get on there once in awhile to play a lit­tle. But, defi­nate­ly, Light­bringer is my new home.

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