The Musty Old Tower

I have to say, that being on the Lightbringer server in World of Warcraft, I have seen more dungeon content than I ever had on Khadgar.

That being said, yesterday the guys (Aram and Ryltar) took me on whirlwind tour of Tempest Keep from the Burning Crusade Expansion as well as the Durnholme Keep and Black Morass instance from the Caverns of Time. They needed the Achievements and well, so did I, but I just wanted to see it. They also had to finish up some key quests for Kharazan as well.

So we 3-manned it. I have to admit that they were some beautifully crafted dungeons. So much to see!

Black Morass-Caverns of Time

The Caverns of Time instances are very cool because you get to see a few places that you leveled up in, before the scourge and/or Orc invasions. It was trippy to see people when they were young, that you end up fighting later in the game (or even in Warcraft III).

After all that. Aram went to turn in his key quest and another guildie (our raid leader) Thel asked if he wanted to make a quick run into Kharazan. They figured they could take the backdoor entrance to finish Thel’s quest he had. So they had me tagalong, since I had never been there to see it as well.

Well, the backdoor wouldn’t open for us. So we went in to kill Moroes so that perhaps it would.

Well, before we got to Moroes, we killed off the Huntsman, who is pretty hard. And we did that no problem, so our raid leader figured if we could do that, we could do the whole thing, but we didn’t have time for it so we figured we would finish it up on Sunday (today).

They never did get the backdoor to open, but the instance saves where you left off, so we came back on Sunday and picked up some PUGs (pick up groups) to tag along for a bit more fire power.

So pretty

I have to say, seeing all of Kharazan is very cool. It is a very beautifully crafted instance.

I am very much into Lore. So seeing this dungeon was very cool. This tower was home to the Guardian Medivh. He is the pinnacle to the Warcraft Games and how the Orcs came to be in Azeroth, as well as the Dark Portal to Outland. So seeing the characters from the Lore, is always very cool. And seeing things that I read about, is very, very cool.

I took some screen shots, which I am including with this post so you can see the rich detail. I have to say, the Chess game was very cool.

Time to play!

Each character takes a chess piece and we get to control the chess pieces. And move and fight the other chess pieces. Blizzard did very well in creating that little mini-game. And you can’t progress through the dungeon, unless you take their king!

For being such a small looking tower on the outside, this is a very large dungeon. And its vertical. Which is somewhat different. Most other instances are very horizontal, but this is very much up stairs and around balconies.

It's time for Warcraft Idol!

I have been having a great time with the guild, and just love hanging out with the guys, hearing the bantering back and forth on vent (even partaking in some) and just how relaxed they keep everything. No one “goes postal” because we wiped out. We laugh about it and then continue on.

I even made the leap and transferred my main character off of Khadgar and onto Lightbringer so that we would have a healer. Cause we have 5 guys for most of out stuff, we just need one of us to heal…and if that’s what the guild needs, I’m all for learning how to play a new class (my shammy has been an elemental, so I’ll make her restoration and see what we can do).

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