My New PC

My friend Kellie drew this and K&T had it put on the PC

Well, Most of you have heard me brag about my new PC, so I thought I should blog about it for those of you who don’t follow me on facebook.

I got a new PC.


I retired my laptop and got me a new desktop (well, the Laptop is still here for when I am lazy and don’t wanna leave the couch.)

My bestest, buddy, ole’ pal, Troy built it for me. I bought all (well, most) of the parts (He bought a few, like the case, to do a surprise design on it, but I am payin him back).

It rocks!

It has a Quad core Intel Chip,
Matching motherboard with integrate 7.1 surround sound card, two network controllers on baord, a total of 12 USB plugs, 2 firewire and 2 eSATA plugs. HDMI,

The graphics card has two DVI ports, but I can add another graphics card to have 4 monitors (you so know I am going too now). I may get a TV tuner card or a actual network controller, haven’t decided yet.

It has 6GB of RAM, but I will max it out at 12GB. It can have 6 drives, so I will have (6) 2TB drives. (3 will be actual drives and 3 will mirror or backup the 3 main drives). So 6 TB of space.

DVD drive (I am thinking of adding another!)

Pretty red lights

I love it. Red lights everywhere and the best part of the whole thing….the case. My friends Katie and Troy had a Wonder Woman that my best friend drew for me and printed on the side of the case. IT ROCKS!

Now I can get all my projects done so much quicker and it doesn’t feel like a CHORE!

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  1. Katie says:

    OMG!!!!! You forgot Amy! We couldn't do the Wonder Woman with out her ninja email skills!

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