Project 365 #24

The Mission Rock

Today I was at an all-day (9am-midnight) scrapbooking fundraiser at the Creative Memories home office for a Volleyball team to raise money to go to and compete for entrance into the Olympics.

Amy, Margie, Mona and myself all went. We had a great time. I had over 500+ photos to sort, then start putting them into pages. I got 16 pages done!

Amy got like 47 pages done I think. Margie got 20(?) and Mona got 4(!)

All in all it was great and we all won prizes. We may attend the one on the 24th of April, depends on our schedule.

My fav 2 pages

The photos pictured are the Mission Stone at the Home office, and my workspace and two of my favorite pages from that day!

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