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My Name is Bert…and I am a Cord Cutter

Not many people know that Amy and I are “cord cutters”. My father and I had this conversation last night and a friend of mine just posted a survey on facebook whether to get cable or dish.

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Let’s Make a Joyful Noise!

Joyful Noise opened up in theater’s almost two weeks ago. Quick summary: It’s Sister Act 2, mixed with Glee, with a little Romeo and Juliet thrown in there. If you like music, and you like a good story, you’ll like … Continue reading

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So, I missed a lot of Smallville when it first aired, and I have been watching old episodes. But, I have to admit, the one thing that I just love, is that they tried to include everyone that was ever … Continue reading

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In Bed with Neue Haas Grotesk

I treasure the time I was able to spend with Aaron and Kellie learning the craft. I like to think of it as my own apprenticeship. That time cemented my decision to become a designer. Continue reading

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Nice Drugs…

You can tell, when your sick, that you got some good medication, by the whacked out dreams you have. I had a whacked out one this afternoon. I was back at my parents old house, when Riley, My wife Amy…..and … Continue reading

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Project 365 #34

So on Friday night we got to hang out with Katie and Troy for a dinner and a movie. I can’t say enough about Katie and Troy. I am so blessed to have them both in my family’s life. They … Continue reading

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Project 365 #31

Today’s photo is for my wife (and a bit for me). I bought a LCD TV for the bedroom craft area. This way we can scrapbook and watch a movie at the same time (My Apple TV is literally on … Continue reading

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Project 365 #27

This post has two photos, which was unintentional. I had taken a photo of my new hard drive (I got two). I am excited to add some more space to my computer (I will have a total of six someday). … Continue reading

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Good Times

Last weekend was a great weekend. First, on Saturday we had Super Saturday Workshop. Its always great to have some time in our scrapbooks, but its even greater with friends. We had fun socializing and working on projects together. That … Continue reading

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Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho… It’s off to work I go

Well, what a week this has been. I enjoyed not having to work so much, but this week has been crazy. I worked all day and night Monday, and then every night this week. Exhausting, but I need the money … Continue reading

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