I am a creative individual…and sometimes a bored one…So I combine the two and create stuff.

So, this is the place where I will share some of what I have created or participated in, or have made for who-knows-why.

Media Files

      1. Radio Interview with NCDF


Karaoke! Oh…did I forget to mention that I am a very music-centric person? I love music and love to sing. I met my wife at karaoke. So below is some of the songs we have sung.

I won’t say I am the greatest singer in the world…and some of these are not the best recording (some I was even trying out for the first time, and some I was mixing on the fly)…but they are some of my favorite songs. Enjoy!

(I should also mention…you’ll notice a lot of the songs are by female singers. I have a somewhat higher-than-normal voice for a guy…. 😉  Most of the Whitney Songs on here, I have sung since I was about 6…there is even a recording or two of me at that age singing them.)

For “Big Girls Don’t Cry”…Amy is singing…with Mikayla, when she was a little toddler! It’s quite cute!

Any of the songs with a “**” are what I think are the better sounding ones.

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