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My Bujo (Bullet Journal)

I love my Bullet Journal and I have my friend, Kristie, to blame. (I can actually blame her for a few things…). And I can be blamed for getting a few of my friends hooked. But I’ve had a few … Continue reading

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Yes, Numbers have a Gender…

I recently read a blog post where the author talked about how numbers were alive for her. Each had a gender and a relationship and were a family and had certain behaviors. That made me recall how I perceived things … Continue reading

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Like Father, Like Son

This past week I got to create a halloween costume for my 6 year old. He wanted to be Optimus Prime. Amy was able to get a mask at work petty cheap, but no costume for the rest of it. So … Continue reading

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A Study in White

I have a pet peeve about my clothes. I like them to stay in great condition so that they last. Whites are the toughest thing to keep clean. Add hard water to your water system makes it harder and now … Continue reading

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My latest projects

I have been avidly knitting for about a year now…and I love it! It is so fun discovering new patterns, deciphering them and picking the yarn to use and making something useable or fun. My latest projects have been knitted “Monsters” … Continue reading

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My Name is Bert…and I am a Cord Cutter

Not many people know that Amy and I are “cord cutters”. My father and I had this conversation last night and a friend of mine just posted a survey on facebook whether to get cable or dish.

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And it Burns, Burns, Burns….

So I realized recently that I never made a blog post about the fire that happened behind our house. Mobile home fires are common, but this was the first time it was so very close to us…and the first time … Continue reading

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And then, THAT happened…

Tonight I blacked out and fell. Only the second time in my life. First time was after my wisdom teeth surgery and I smacked my jaw on the bathroom counter on my way down. Tonight was also in the bathroom … Continue reading

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99 Things

I saw this over at a blog that my friend from school hosts (which is always an interesting read, since she lives in the Marshall Islands! And her daughter is just too cute for words, always looking forward to seeing … Continue reading

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You Gain when you Lose

So, I’ve noticed something with Amy’s and my weight loss. We’ve become closer. (Not that we weren’t close before.) I don’t know if its because we are doing this together, or if there is something else going on, but we … Continue reading

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