Creating Memories…

What a weekend..

We had Amy’s older sister, her fiance and their three children come down for the weekend so we could all go to the Afton Apple Orchard in Hastings. What a blast.

I got off of work early so that I could visit with them and play games (we are such a gaming family) We played curses and scene-it. Had some drinks and turned in around 1 am.

We woke up around 8 or 9, got ready and left for Hastings around 10:15 am.

We got there at 10:45 am and it was already packed. We paid and headed down to the corn maze. We did phase 1 with the kids and then Amy’s mom took the kids to the play area while Amy, Me, Cindy, Jason, Jennifer, Gabe, Tyler (?) and Matt & Tony went on to phase 2.

There is three phases to this maze. Phase 1 takes about 15 minutes. Phase 2 takes about 30 minutes and phase 3 takes about 45 minutes. Every year they change this 10-acre maze so it is never the same.

After we did phase 2 we went and collected the kids and ate lunch (with some bees). After lunch we all decided to take the hayride and go get some pumpkins and some apples.

Well we tried to get on the first hayride and all of us wouldn’t fit. Some other people ran right in front of our group of 15 and jumped on. So the owners said that the next hayride we would be the first on (they have about 4 tractors that run all day). So we waited and got on first.

Of course the first stop was the pumpkin patch. So we all got off and the kids each picked a small pumpkin, while Matt and Tony picked a 40-pounder. We then proceeded to get on the next hayride…. no luck… so we decided to walk to the next stop, but let Jason and the Boys take their big pumpkins back on the next hayride.

So, Mikayla and I start walking. The next thing I know, everyone is waving to us on the hayride as they pass by. Of course, this just pisses Mikayla off and she is thoroughly ticked off.

So we follow it to the next stop. I notice no one gets off and it turns around, so I start walking back. Finally I tell Mikayla that we can go to the park, but nope, she wants the hayride. So we walk back to the pumpkins and wait for the next one. Guess what. Practically empty. So we jump on and follow it around through the different apples and back to the store.

The whole time Mikayla is just upset so I keep telling her she can yell at mama when we get back. This makes her feel a little better. We get off at the play area where the other kids are and I go to find Amy, who is on the hayride behind mine (she had to stop and get some Honey Golden apples for pies).

So we meet down by the store where Cindy and Courtney are waiting and Amy realizes we still have to pick Raspberries. Amy, Courtney and I walk over and pick the best Raspberries I have ever tasted. Of course we are eating as we are picking.

We then walk back into the store (which is packed) and pay for our apples, (honey golden and honey crisps–which you cannot pick-only get in the store), our raspberries, pumpkins, apple cider, and flavored syrups.

As we are taking this all to the car, everyone else meets back and says the kids need to go home, they are getting crabby. But Courtney didn’t get to go to the petting zoo, So Mona (Amy’s mom) takes her. While we are waiting, Cindy, Jason, the boyz and I go take phase 3 of the maze. We all get thoroughly lost. One hole section is a dead end.

Finally Cindy and I give up and we cut through the maze (we had lost the boyz and jay somehow) and start walking back to the entrance. We see the exit line, so we cut through so it looks like we exited. We then load up and go home.

We play more games when we get home, have dinner and stay up and party. Jason’s youngest brother came over and we all played scene-it. He brought his new laptop, so I hooked him up with 20 gigs of music.

Sunday morning we all wake up and have pancakes and donuts (Amy’s dad stopped over and brought some) then the girls go visit their Grams in the hospital while Jason and I play ESPN NFL 2K5 and he beats me 22 to 50. Then when the rest got back they head home.

All in all, we had a great time and can’t wait to do it again!

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