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My Weight Lost Experience

I have had a lot of people ask me if Slimgenics really works, is it expensive and a bunch of other questions, so I thought I would address them in one place, so I don’t have to repeat myself too … Continue reading

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Blood is NOT thicker than water…

I got enough name calling, and abuse from school, my home should have been a safe haven…and it wasn’t. My mother tried all she could to protect me, and she taught me the value of love and treating people fairly. For that I am eternally grateful…with that I can end the dreaded cycle of abuse and make sure my own children NEVER go through what I did. Continue reading

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Look on the bright side…

I’ve been hearing from other people who were on Slimgenics or other weight loss programs and a common thing I have been hearing is that they all quit or changed programs because they were tired of hearing what they “couldn’t” … Continue reading

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Dream Home…Xanadu

I’ve mentioned this in blog posts before, but I fell in love with Xanadu homes (bubble looking shotcrete-styrofoam homes that were futuristic) that were in tourist traps like Gatlinburg, the Dells and Florida.

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A Teen…A Mystery….A Prom…A Birthday….A Success!

I’m not really sure if Courtney knew what she wanted to do for her 15th Birthday. But last month we took a trip to the Mall of America, when all the kids didn’t have school on a Friday, and we … Continue reading

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A Message to Courtney!

I can’t believe your turning 15 today! I remember the day I first met you. I remember you hunting around my room and taking everything that I had that was Tigger (large plush Tigger, Tigger backpack, Tigger Pillow, Tigger Slippers, … Continue reading

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For my Slimgenics Friends…

Since Amy and I started doing slimgenics, we have wanted an easy way to enter our food journal on our phones.

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Couples Massage Class

Tonight Amy and I had Couples Massage Training* with our Message Therapist Steph over at StoneWater Massage & Skin Care. Before I get to far into this post, I want to be clear, this was not a “sensual” couples massage … Continue reading

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End of a Generation

In 2008, I said goodbye to my Great-Aunt Muriel. (You can read that in this post). Yesterday, at 7:00 p.m. on Valentines Day, Muriel’s Sister (My Grandmother) passed away. She was 86 and a half years old. She was the … Continue reading

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What a start to a week…

This week has started out very rough. First, my grandmother passes away on Valentines day. If that wasn’t enough, tonight, Amy was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I figured it would be easier to give all the details in … Continue reading

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