A Teen…A Mystery….A Prom…A Birthday….A Success!

I’m not really sure if Courtney knew what she wanted to do for her 15th Birthday. But last month we took a trip to the Mall of America, when all the kids didn’t have school on a Friday, and we perused shops and just had a nice day.

We walked into Games by James and on one of the back end caps they had all their Mystery Murder Dinner Party games…but they had came out with some new “Teen Mystery Dinner” games (no murder). Courtney saw one and her and Amy talked it over about doing something like that for her birthday party.

So “Panic at the Prom” was purchased.

Amy and Courtney did a lot of planning for it and chose the guest list. Amy and I decided to really make it authentic and reserved a Hotel Banquet Room (and hotel rooms for a sleepover and poolside fun the next day as well).

It was a blast!

The Premise of the game is that it is Prom night (a Hawaiian Luau theme’d Prom) and someone set off the springklers/fire alarm and flooded the ballroom…all the suspects are the “only” ones “dry”.

There is a Principal, a Goth Chick, A bully, “prom Queen” and her best friend, A wanna be popular chick, the Bully’s sister, and a very smart nerd.

Courtney, a few of her friends, Amy, Myself and Amy’s Mom Mona were all in attendance (we also had our other children sequestered in our hotel room with some movies and books, and my mom headed over after work, so we had a mini vacay!)

First, everyone’s role was drawn from a hat. So NOTHING was planned, people were not matched up with roles that “fit” them. Keep that in mind.

Amy had the “Principal” role, Courtney was the Goth Chick and Mona was the “very smart” but “wants to be popular” person. The other girls, filled in the other roles.

I had no role, i was just there as a DJ and to do “Prom Photos”.

As the guests arrived, they were handed a booklet, that told them more about their character and what to reveal and what to keep secret, and so on.

As everyone is in their corner of the room reading, Amy (the Principal of the School) chuckles and tells me her husbands name is Roberto, and they met in Europe. Which is funny, because my name is Bert. So I became rrrrrROBERTO! (roll that R) the Latin Photographer!

I then tell Courtney, “When people get their photos and I count, I can count in Spanish!” and I proceed to hold up two fingers (on accident) and say “UNO!”

Courtney Looks at me and says, “apparently your rrrrrROBERTO! ‘Stupid’ Latin Photographer…” (She’s a funny one that girl.)

So I took that little made up role and really ran with it.

All night long, people were “reluctant” to get their photos taken (except for Mona–more on that in a bit). So I would stand by my studio light and tripod and look at the group and say, with a large smile and two thumbs up, “PICTURE!” Nothing….so I do it again! Or yell out “PICTURE! CLIKY CLICKY!” (I didn’t know english real well..so I spoke very little)

Finally, Courtney’s character grabs the Bully character and they run over and get in front of the camera. Using my wireless remote, I look at them and (holding up two fingers) say “UNO!” Then on “Dos” I snap the photo (not on three) and then when I should have said three, I say calmly, “Finite” (roughly prounounced ‘fin-neat-tay’, for “finished”)

The next group of girls come over for their photo, and Courtney’s bully friend yells out…“Smile on Uno!”

Which was hysterical all night long because the girls would start to get into the photos and I would be all, “finite…go, go”.

Sometimes I wouldn’t even count, they would walk into the frame, and “start” to get into position, and I would click the photo and say “finite”. So they were on their toes all night long about when I was going to take the photo. (I got some very interesting and funny photos out of it!)

Mona would always try and run over (in all my excited yells of “PICTURES!” and as soon as she would get close I would say “Finite” and shut the flash on my camera or turn off the studio light. The girls were cracking up…Amy couldn’t breathe she was laughing so hard.

I would always start out very excited and upbeat and exaggerated and then would completely switch demeanor at the end of the mini photo session and say calmly, “finite”.


Me in character!

At one point, I got a little bored as the group is just “mingling” between chapters and so I jump in front of my camera (which drew everyones attention) and, using the remote, start posing and clicking the shutter release and just being goofy.

Amy being dragged into a photo

I then run over and hook my arm into Amy’s and drag her over to the studio setup (and she is saying…“uh oh, what’s are we doing?” ) and I start posing with her and clicking the remote…then I drag/push her out of the frame and say “finite” and Amy just stands there laughing and saying, “I have no clue what just happened!” Amy and the girls are just dying from laughter…

I then start dragging other girls into the frame and doing the same thing. They start to catch on and so they start making poses too. Oh it was so much fun!

At one point Mona comes running over for a group shot and I turn and stick out my right hip/butt and she runs into it (and proceeds to bounce off me) and goes…“OWW…where is my Appendix supposed to be…because I think it moved!”

All night I would pick on Mona and take really bad photos of her or (when my camera was really acting up…and my shutter button wasn’t working) blame her for breaking my camera…

The girls LOST IT!

My favorite photo of the night

At one point I grabbed my camera off the tripod and started quickly running around the room and snapping really close up photos of the girls…(where I happened to get a great profile shot of Courtney).

I had so much fun!

So as the story progresses, you find out that Courtney is looking for her biological mother, who happens to be the principal (Amy)…and Amy’s character couldn’t attend her Senior prom because she was pregnant with Courtney’s Character.  And her husband rrrrROBERTO! was actually, Robert…they met in nevada…which was a REAL shock to me…no wonder I didn’t know enough spanish…I wasn’t even latin!

When that little tidbit was let out of the bag, most of the girls look over at me (I am standing by the food area) and I meekly look up from my plate of food and say “Si?”

So, it was really creepy how, just from drawing names out of a hat, that Courtney and Amy get characters that are mother and daughter AND that the Principal missed her senior Prom because she was pregnant, just like Amy had and had a husband name Robert!

Courtney said that even most of the other character really fit in line with their counterparts (not all, but quite a few).

We then had cake, presents and time left over to have  a little dance party…where we did the Electric Slide, Macarena and even some Thriller!

Then off to the rooms for relaxation and sleep before the water slide the next morning.

All in all, it was a fantastic night and I had so much fun just creating this character and running with it, to keep the group entertained between chapters. It was so much fun!

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