Dream Home…Xanadu

I’ve mentioned this in blog posts before, but I fell in love with Xanadu homes (bubble looking shotcrete-styrofoam homes that were futuristic) that were in tourist traps like Gatlinburg, the Dells and Florida.

Well, I always wanted one when I grow up…and I found a place that actually builds newer updated versions that are much better (Monolithic Domes)

I have a book of their sample floor plans and Amy and I took one and recreated it with our own wish list. I thought I had lost that plan when I had a drive crash…but low and behold, I found it a few days ago.

Our dream is to take the upstairs and then divide the bathrooms when the kids all move out (so there is 4 rooms and 4 bathrooms upstairs) and turn it into a Futuristic Bed & breakfast, decked out with tech…for those people who need to get away…yet not really get away…ya know…people like me.

So, I am sharing it for your viewing pleasure. (Click to embiggen)

Floor plan of a proposed monolithic dome home

Floor plan of our dream home - a Monolithic Dome Home

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