I have had a lot of peo­ple ask me if Slim­gen­ics real­ly works, is it expen­sive and a bunch of oth­er ques­tions, so I thought I would address them in one place, so I don’t have to repeat myself too much. I won’t give exact specifics, but I will give a gen­er­al overview of the program.

A few note­ables. This plan REALLY DOES WORK. I am proof that it works–and I am not the only one.

As of writ­ing this post, I am down 46.25 lbs. When I start­ed in late March/April, I weighed 305.75 lbs. and wore a size 48 pants. Today I am 258 lbs. and when I went shop­ping today, I got myself into a pair of size 42!

But, you do need to fol­low their advise. And yes, you will be lim­it­ed in what you eat. Now, you still get plen­ty to eat, it just has to be on their list of approved foods. Its a lot of veg­eta­bles, but there is no deny­ing it works. And real­ly, its not that hard. It’s not about what you can’t eat…it’s about chang­ing your eat­ing habits, por­tion­ing and, most of all, it’s about the goal!

So please keep that in mind with all I am about to tell you. So, let’s start off with the first ques­tion shall we?

What is SlimGenics? What is this Thermogenic process I keep hearing about?

Tak­en from Slim­gen­ics web­site (I can’t say it any bet­ter than this):

The Slim­Gen­ics pro­gram is based on the sci­ence of ther­mo­ge­n­e­sis or the “gen­er­a­tion of heat.” The pro­gram is designed to increase your metab­o­lism so that you burn stor­age fat for fuel. Addi­tion­al­ly, it increas­es the health of your metab­o­lism allow­ing you to main­tain your new weight long-term. Slim­Gen­ics works with a com­bi­na­tion of sci­ence and struc­ture so that our clients make fat burn­ing a part of their dai­ly lives—all with­out hunger and deprivation.

Is SlimGenics Expensive?

Yes. I won’t lie.

Now I don’t remem­ber the exact for­mu­la, but they take how much you have to loose to get to your goal, and any health or lifestyle fac­tors and then fig­ure out how many weeks it will take you to get there. (A per­son will aver­age only so much weight loss a week). Then they charge you for each week/pound.

You pay that mon­ey up front. The one guar­an­tee I liked, is that if you are fol­low­ing the plan, but your not quite meet­ing that goal, they will add-on free weeks to make sure you get to your goal. They will work with you! They also have ridicu­lous­ly easy ways to earn free weeks (I have earned 6 free weeks so far).

I won’t give you the exact amount I paid, but let’s just say that I did need to use some of my tax refund to afford it. But the nice thing, it’s paid for.

What do I eat? Do they have branded “snacks” that I have to buy and eat?

You eat reg­u­lar gro­cery store and restau­rant food. They give you a com­pre­hen­sive food list of accept­able “mea­sured” foods that are “on plan” as well as options from well-known restaurants.

I say mea­sured, because their home office eval­u­ates all nat­ur­al foods that come out to see how they fit in with the ther­mo­genic process. For instants they had released sum­mer squash­es, but are still eval­u­at­ing win­ter squash­es. Their adding food all the time.

Also, each cen­ter will find local alter­na­tives that aren’t on the list, but that you can have beca­sue they are iden­ti­cal to foods that are on the list. For instance this one brand of Slim Buns are not on the list, but they are iden­ti­cal in nutri­on­al con­tent as a whole grain bread that is.

You can also still have tea, decaf cof­fee and some diet pops, a fair amount of spices and a cou­ple of condiments.

On to the snacks.

Yes, Slim­Gen­ics has snacks that you need to eat. It’s in your con­tract that you eat the required amount of snacks a week. The rea­son for the snacks, is that they uti­lize spe­cial herbs that help boost the ther­mo­genic process and they know exact­ly what is in their snacks, so they’re sort of the “con­stant vari­able” in your meal plan that the cen­ter can count on.

By the way, the snacks are fab­u­lous! They help with crav­ings of the things you can­not have. Like Cheese­cake, or choco­late pud­ding, Choco­late Fudge Cake, shakes, soups, pas­ta, bars or BBQ chips, etc. And you can use the snacks in oth­er meals to change up the flavor/texture of your allowed food items. For instance, smash up the BBQ Crunch O’s and use it for a bread­ed mix­ture on chick­en. Or dump some straw­ber­ries in your choco­late fudge cake, stuff like that.

And yes, the snacks can be expen­sive. For one per­son, 21 snacks a week, and they come rough­ly 6 in a box, so 3.5 box­es a week. It can add up, but you can find the same snacks online for cheap­er too. They don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly tell you about the snacks up front. If we had known about those, we would have allo­cat­ed some more tax mon­ey, because they can add up, espe­cial­ly for two peo­ple on the plan.

So give me an example…what do you eat in a day?

Well the plan I am on I need to eat:

  • 3 Pro­teins
  • 4 Veg­eta­bles (but most green raw veg­gies are con­sid­ered “free­bies” so you can play with that if you need variety)
  • 3 Fruits
  • 3 Starch­es
  • 1 Fat
  • 80 oz. of water
  • 8 oz. of milk

So what does that look like in a menu?

Well, this is what I had today:


  • A 2 egg omelet with spices, with mush­room, green pep­per, toma­to, spinach,  and straw­ber­ry inside it. With the rest of my fruit serv­ing on the side
  • 8 oz. of milk

Lunch/Dinner (I add spo­rad­i­cal­ly through­out the day/night):

  • Mush­room-Turkey Burg­er, on two pieces of bread, with light mayo, spinach, a toma­to slice, mus­tard, and a mush­room slice.
  • 1/2 Baked pota­to with Greek yogurt (its a sour cream sub­sti­tute) and spices
  • Choco­late Fudge Cake with Rasp­ber­ries on top
  • Cheese Cake Snack
  • Banana Creme Pud­ding Snack
  • Grapes
  • A baked chick­en breast with spices on top

There is a lot of things you can make if you put your mind to it…like home­made piz­za, rasp­ber­ry burg­ers (trust me they are great), chili, pan­cakes, etc. You just have to think a lit­tle more than normal.

I also heard about pills? Do I have to take them?

They do offer option­al pills. But they are not required. We only take two (but the ones we take, we found cheap­er alter­na­tives that are exact­ly the same)

They have a mul­ti-vit­a­min (which we take), Fish-oils Or “Omega Fat­ty Acids” (which we take, helps with skin elas­tic­i­ty and hav­ing your skin shrink with you), carb block­ers (does what it says, blocks carb intake from being absored by your body), and metabolis­er herbs (to sup­press appetite, decrease water reten­tion, increase ener­gy and cleanse and detox­i­fy the body). They also have Ther­mo-Boost drink mix­es which can give you that kick of ener­gy that pop/coffee would have giv­en you and boost the ther­mo­genic process. Amy had to be tak­en off those because she was get­ting too much energy…

Words of Wisdom?

If your seri­ous about los­ing wieght. There is no deny­ing that this works. My wife and I are both on it and doing great, we know oth­ers that are on it and its work­ing for them as well. Yes it can be expen­sive, but real­ly, there is no price high enough for a health­i­er, fit­ter body and lifestyle. Also, your are NOT required to exer­cise! You can’t beat that.

Yes, the food at times can be tough. And your gro­cery bill will go up because you are buy­ing much more fruit, veg­eta­bles and meats. It can also be tough just find­ing a lit­tle vari­ety. You can eas­i­ly get stuck in eat­ing the same things (I ate sal­ads for weeks because it was a great way to get in all my veg­eta­bles, starch and pro­tein). You just need to see what you have left on your meal plan for the day and plan accordingly.

My great­est strength has been exper­i­ment­ing and find­ing vari­ety in com­bin­ing the dif­fer­ent allowed food items. Like the Rasp­ber­ry Burg­er. Tak­ing 4 oz. of ground turkey and 1/2 cup of rasp­ber­ries, grind­ing them and mix­ing them in with the turkey when form­ing the pat­ty. They smell great and taste fantastic…and now I just got through 1 pro­tein and 1 fruit!

They also offer a cook­book of on-plan recipes. I rec­om­mend get­ting it…it will help you find foods that you crave.

It can be hard. But its worth it and it’s worth the mon­ey spent. I would make the same deci­sion all over again.

Now even though I said you don’t have to exer­cise, I am plan on adding that, because I am impa­tient and I want to get to my goal faster. So I will be join­ing my good friend (and her hus­band’s) gym…Mas­tiff Fit­ness. Because the next step will be to see myself buff…like the mod­el on their webpage.

I hope this infor­ma­tion is helpful!

3 thoughts on “My Weight Lost Experience

  1. Great Blog! I just start­ed SG I have 50lbs to loose and read­ing your sto­ry was inspi­ra­tional to me. You also gave some help­ful tips. Good job so far and good luck in the future!

  2. It def­i­nite­ly works, I lost 110 lbs so far, but I have lost all patience for their high-pres­sur­ing me to buy the “option­al” sup­ple­ments. They prac­ti­cal­ly cry when I tell them I don’t want them. I got so sick of it I haven’t gone in for over a month now, not sure I ever will go back. The great thing about the diet is that they teach you good eat­ing habits.

  3. I’m 16 and pay­ing for slim gen­ics by myself. I did it once before and i fell of the band wag­on due to all my friends eat­ing such bad food, and the lack of healthy food my par­ents pro­vid­ed me. I have 3 sib­lings eat­ing only junk food. It was very hard for me hav­ing all the bad food in the house. Now I am real­iz­ing how much slim gen­ics has helped me and I am join­ing again to fin­ish this time. Slim gen­ics does­n’t just make you lose weight. They teach you eat­ing habits so when your done with the pro­gram you can keep the weight off. The snacks are AMAZING. They keep crav­ings away, and when I’m with friends its like I’m eat­ing the same food as they are (except mine are healthy)! (: It is a very large invest­ment and by the time I’m done with the pro­gram I will be close to broke. For me, it’s so worth it. I’ve tried los­ing weight on my own and it real­ly has­n’t worked. The struc­tured pro­gram slim gen­ics offers help me stay on plan, and lose the weight the right way. Over­all, Slim Gen­ics has changed my life in such a pos­i­tive way and I’m so much hap­pi­er now than I was before I start­ed the program.

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