My Weight Lost Experience

I have had a lot of people ask me if Slimgenics really works, is it expensive and a bunch of other questions, so I thought I would address them in one place, so I don’t have to repeat myself too much. I won’t give exact specifics, but I will give a general overview of the program.

A few noteables. This plan REALLY DOES WORK. I am proof that it works–and I am not the only one.

As of writing this post, I am down 46.25 lbs. When I started in late March/April, I weighed 305.75 lbs. and wore a size 48 pants. Today I am 258 lbs. and when I went shopping today, I got myself into a pair of size 42!

But, you do need to follow their advise. And yes, you will be limited in what you eat. Now, you still get plenty to eat, it just has to be on their list of approved foods. Its a lot of vegetables, but there is no denying it works. And really, its not that hard. It’s not about what you can’t eat…it’s about changing your eating habits, portioning and, most of all, it’s about the goal!

So please keep that in mind with all I am about to tell you. So, let’s start off with the first question shall we?

What is SlimGenics? What is this Thermogenic process I keep hearing about?

Taken from Slimgenics website (I can’t say it any better than this):

The SlimGenics program is based on the science of thermogenesis or the “generation of heat.” The program is designed to increase your metabolism so that you burn storage fat for fuel. Additionally, it increases the health of your metabolism allowing you to maintain your new weight long-term. SlimGenics works with a combination of science and structure so that our clients make fat burning a part of their daily lives—all without hunger and deprivation.

Is SlimGenics Expensive?

Yes. I won’t lie.

Now I don’t remember the exact formula, but they take how much you have to loose to get to your goal, and any health or lifestyle factors and then figure out how many weeks it will take you to get there. (A person will average only so much weight loss a week). Then they charge you for each week/pound.

You pay that money up front. The one guarantee I liked, is that if you are following the plan, but your not quite meeting that goal, they will add-on free weeks to make sure you get to your goal. They will work with you! They also have ridiculously easy ways to earn free weeks (I have earned 6 free weeks so far).

I won’t give you the exact amount I paid, but let’s just say that I did need to use some of my tax refund to afford it. But the nice thing, it’s paid for.

What do I eat? Do they have branded “snacks” that I have to buy and eat?

You eat regular grocery store and restaurant food. They give you a comprehensive food list of acceptable “measured” foods that are “on plan” as well as options from well-known restaurants.

I say measured, because their home office evaluates all natural foods that come out to see how they fit in with the thermogenic process. For instants they had released summer squashes, but are still evaluating winter squashes. Their adding food all the time.

Also, each center will find local alternatives that aren’t on the list, but that you can have becasue they are identical to foods that are on the list. For instance this one brand of Slim Buns are not on the list, but they are identical in nutrional content as a whole grain bread that is.

You can also still have tea, decaf coffee and some diet pops, a fair amount of spices and a couple of condiments.

On to the snacks.

Yes, SlimGenics has snacks that you need to eat. It’s in your contract that you eat the required amount of snacks a week. The reason for the snacks, is that they utilize special herbs that help boost the thermogenic process and they know exactly what is in their snacks, so they’re sort of the “constant variable” in your meal plan that the center can count on.

By the way, the snacks are fabulous! They help with cravings of the things you cannot have. Like Cheesecake, or chocolate pudding, Chocolate Fudge Cake, shakes, soups, pasta, bars or BBQ chips, etc. And you can use the snacks in other meals to change up the flavor/texture of your allowed food items. For instance, smash up the BBQ Crunch O’s and use it for a breaded mixture on chicken. Or dump some strawberries in your chocolate fudge cake, stuff like that.

And yes, the snacks can be expensive. For one person, 21 snacks a week, and they come roughly 6 in a box, so 3.5 boxes a week. It can add up, but you can find the same snacks online for cheaper too. They don’t necessarily tell you about the snacks up front. If we had known about those, we would have allocated some more tax money, because they can add up, especially for two people on the plan.

So give me an example…what do you eat in a day?

Well the plan I am on I need to eat:

  • 3 Proteins
  • 4 Vegetables (but most green raw veggies are considered “freebies” so you can play with that if you need variety)
  • 3 Fruits
  • 3 Starches
  • 1 Fat
  • 80 oz. of water
  • 8 oz. of milk

So what does that look like in a menu?

Well, this is what I had today:


  • A 2 egg omelet with spices, with mushroom, green pepper, tomato, spinach,  and strawberry inside it. With the rest of my fruit serving on the side
  • 8 oz. of milk

Lunch/Dinner (I add sporadically throughout the day/night):

  • Mushroom-Turkey Burger, on two pieces of bread, with light mayo, spinach, a tomato slice, mustard, and a mushroom slice.
  • 1/2 Baked potato with Greek yogurt (its a sour cream substitute) and spices
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake with Raspberries on top
  • Cheese Cake Snack
  • Banana Creme Pudding Snack
  • Grapes
  • A baked chicken breast with spices on top

There is a lot of things you can make if you put your mind to it…like homemade pizza, raspberry burgers (trust me they are great), chili, pancakes, etc. You just have to think a little more than normal.

I also heard about pills? Do I have to take them?

They do offer optional pills. But they are not required. We only take two (but the ones we take, we found cheaper alternatives that are exactly the same)

They have a multi-vitamin (which we take), Fish-oils Or “Omega Fatty Acids” (which we take, helps with skin elasticity and having your skin shrink with you), carb blockers (does what it says, blocks carb intake from being absored by your body), and metaboliser herbs (to suppress appetite, decrease water retention, increase energy and cleanse and detoxify the body). They also have Thermo-Boost drink mixes which can give you that kick of energy that pop/coffee would have given you and boost the thermogenic process. Amy had to be taken off those because she was getting too much energy…

Words of Wisdom?

If your serious about losing wieght. There is no denying that this works. My wife and I are both on it and doing great, we know others that are on it and its working for them as well. Yes it can be expensive, but really, there is no price high enough for a healthier, fitter body and lifestyle. Also, your are NOT required to exercise! You can’t beat that.

Yes, the food at times can be tough. And your grocery bill will go up because you are buying much more fruit, vegetables and meats. It can also be tough just finding a little variety. You can easily get stuck in eating the same things (I ate salads for weeks because it was a great way to get in all my vegetables, starch and protein). You just need to see what you have left on your meal plan for the day and plan accordingly.

My greatest strength has been experimenting and finding variety in combining the different allowed food items. Like the Raspberry Burger. Taking 4 oz. of ground turkey and 1/2 cup of raspberries, grinding them and mixing them in with the turkey when forming the patty. They smell great and taste fantastic…and now I just got through 1 protein and 1 fruit!

They also offer a cookbook of on-plan recipes. I recommend getting it…it will help you find foods that you crave.

It can be hard. But its worth it and it’s worth the money spent. I would make the same decision all over again.

Now even though I said you don’t have to exercise, I am plan on adding that, because I am impatient and I want to get to my goal faster. So I will be joining my good friend (and her husbands) gym…Mastiff Fitness. Because the next step will be to see myself buff…like the model on their webpage.

I hope this information is helpful!

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3 Responses to My Weight Lost Experience

  1. Laura says:

    Great Blog! I just started SG I have 50lbs to loose and reading your story was inspirational to me. You also gave some helpful tips. Good job so far and good luck in the future!

  2. Jeff S says:

    It definitely works, I lost 110 lbs so far, but I have lost all patience for their high-pressuring me to buy the “optional” supplements. They practically cry when I tell them I don’t want them. I got so sick of it I haven’t gone in for over a month now, not sure I ever will go back. The great thing about the diet is that they teach you good eating habits.

  3. Keeley says:

    I’m 16 and paying for slim genics by myself. I did it once before and i fell of the band wagon due to all my friends eating such bad food, and the lack of healthy food my parents provided me. I have 3 siblings eating only junk food. It was very hard for me having all the bad food in the house. Now I am realizing how much slim genics has helped me and I am joining again to finish this time. Slim genics doesn’t just make you lose weight. They teach you eating habits so when your done with the program you can keep the weight off. The snacks are AMAZING. They keep cravings away, and when I’m with friends its like I’m eating the same food as they are (except mine are healthy)! (: It is a very large investment and by the time I’m done with the program I will be close to broke. For me, it’s so worth it. I’ve tried losing weight on my own and it really hasn’t worked. The structured program slim genics offers help me stay on plan, and lose the weight the right way. Overall, Slim Genics has changed my life in such a positive way and I’m so much happier now than I was before I started the program.

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