Look on the bright side…

I’ve been hearing from other people who were on Slimgenics or other weight loss programs and a common thing I have been hearing is that they all quit or changed programs because they were tired of hearing what they “couldn’t” have.

Yes, I am on a restricted diet (my day consists of 3 protein, 3 fruits, 4 veggies, 1 fat, 3 starches, 3 of their snacks, 80 oz. of water). I can only eat items that are on their approved list. (Which to be honest, is even more restricted with Amy’s allergies).

Am I missing what I can’t have? Yes! very much so. I would love to have a nice pasta dish, or a slice of pizza, actual chocolate or even some cake. (Side note: I haven’t cheated once yet!!!)

Am I tired of going somewhere and finding out constantly what I can’t have, because its not on my list…or because I don’t know what is in it? Yes, it can be a real pain in my overly large (yet shrinking) behind.

But am I getting results? YES! I have dropped 30 lbs in 7.5 weeks! I cannot deny that this program IS working. (And it feels like I am doing NOTHING…)

I knew going into this that I would need to give up things to get to my goal. I knew that it was going to be challenging (which, to be honest, it gets easier everyday…)

I know that I will reach my goal and that all my foods I miss will be slowly brought back into my meal plan.

If not eating them for a one year will help me lose weight and gain control over my eating habits…then I can wait to get them back (and get them back responsibly).

I think that is a bigger picture that these same people are missing. It’s not about what you cannot have. It’s about your goal, and this is one way to get there.

It makes me wonder, did they think they were going to be able to eat all the same foods they have always eaten and lose weight? Isn’t those same foods what got them there?

Weight loss is about changing behaviors and changing eating habitsEating “smartly” and not just eating.

Things have to change for your body to change the way you want it to. You have to look on the bright side and keep your goal in your sights…and if they can’t see that (and are only concerned with what they are giving up), then they were not ready to lose weight in the first place and were just going through the motions.

Even though I have been limited with my food options, Amy and I have been very creative in using what we are given, and making it work for us and eating things we miss. Feel like Pizza? Then we use our 1 tomato, and spices, a slim bun, and veggies and some chicken and make our own pizzas (no cheese of course). Want a muffin? Then we use our pancake “snack” and mix in our fruit and make it into a muffin. Same with fudge cake.

It’s taking what your given and finding solutions to what you need. In other words, when you’re given lemons, you make lemonade (with splenda), you don’t take the lemons and chuck ’em at people…

Just some Food for thought (see what I did there?)

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  1. LOL I’m taking partial credit for that pizza sauce! We came up with it on one of our walks! And I have to agree, if you focus on all of the things you CAN have and not on what you CAN’T have it’s not all that bad! I’ve very proud of both of you! XOXO

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