A Message to Courtney!

I can’t believe your turning 15 today!

I remember the day I first met you.

I remember you hunting around my room and taking everything that I had that was Tigger (large plush Tigger, Tigger backpack, Tigger Pillow, Tigger Slippers, and even my Tigger desk clock) and hoarding it all under my computer desk in a Tigger nest. I knew that we were going to be fast friends and have so much in common.

From their you became my “laundry buddy”. I would pack up the car with all our laundry and we would head out to my parents house and do laundry all day and watch movies and play all over their house and rummage through their pantry and find good stuff to eat.

As you grew, I got to enjoy bonding with you over many different things.

I got to share with you my love of Dolly Parton’s music and even take you to a concert. I got to share with you my Wonder Woman comics and TV shows, and even my love of 80’s Cartoons (oh, the Saturday Mornings, snuggled in bed watching Transformers Beast Machines!!! You would kick mommy out of bed and we would watch the latest episode together. Just you and me. I treasured those mornings.)

But the thing I have come to love sharing with you is creativity & Art. Watching you develop your talent and helping you where I can is so precious to me. It’s something that my great-aunt was able to share and inspire in me (and something I treasured later in life), and now it’s something I am now able to share with you. (And the day you wanted me to install Adobe Illustrator on your computer, I just melted!)

Seeing you become this creative being with such natural talent made me so proud (not that there wasn’t a lot to be proud of already, this was a very nice bonus.)

You have grown in to such a wonderful woman, with a great heart. You make me so proud. I just know that watching you grow for years to come will be an amazing thing to behold.

I treasure the relationship we have (and yes, even love the sarcasm and wit you throw my way…even though I don’t get half the jibes or words you use…) and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So, Happy Birthday baby. Here’s to many more amazing years ahead of you!

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