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My Bujo (Bullet Journal)

I love my Bullet Journal and I have my friend, Kristie, to blame. (I can actually blame her for a few things…). And I can be blamed for getting a few of my friends hooked. But I’ve had a few … Continue reading

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Like Father, Like Son

This past week I got to create a halloween costume for my 6 year old. He wanted to be Optimus Prime. Amy was able to get a mask at work petty cheap, but no costume for the rest of it. So … Continue reading

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Crafter’s Retreat

I keep forgetting to put this up, so here goes. My wife and I are hosting our annual Crafter’s retreat! Any craft is welcome (scrapbooking, sewing, knitting, crochet, quilting, beading, stamping, etc.!)

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You hear the darnest things at a Knit Store

Favorite “Bert” quotes from the yarn store yesterday: “and now we knit!” “SSK2togPSSO = Slip Stitch, Knit 2 together, and then PISS OFF!” “And that is why we use our rubbers!” “If I did balls, I would do bulls.” (It … Continue reading

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A Guy. Some Yarn. A Store. A life changed.

Update: This is a very long post. And I am not sure how well-written it will be, as it was hard to write, especially near the end. As many of you know, I love to knit and play with yarn. … Continue reading

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A Study in White

I have a pet peeve about my clothes. I like them to stay in great condition so that they last. Whites are the toughest thing to keep clean. Add hard water to your water system makes it harder and now … Continue reading

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My latest projects

I have been avidly knitting for about a year now…and I love it! It is so fun discovering new patterns, deciphering them and picking the yarn to use and making something useable or fun. My latest projects have been knitted “Monsters” … Continue reading

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Dream Home…Xanadu

I’ve mentioned this in blog posts before, but I fell in love with Xanadu homes (bubble looking shotcrete-styrofoam homes that were futuristic) that were in tourist traps like Gatlinburg, the Dells and Florida.

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Back to the basics

Most of you know that I am a very creative person. I love to create things. As I tell people, “If I am not creating, I am grumpy!” But I don’t just create things on the computer. I like creating … Continue reading

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Project 365-Hiatus

I may be taking a hiatus from Project 365. I was sick a few weeks ago, and it made it hard to keep up with, since I wasn’t going anywhere or doing anything. And since then, I have had  a … Continue reading

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