And then, THAT happened…

Tonight I blacked out and fell.

Only the second time in my life.

First time was after my wisdom teeth surgery and I smacked my jaw on the bathroom counter on my way down.

Tonight was also in the bathroom (I think there’s a sign there…)

I hadn’t been feeling well the last few days (upset stomach, allergies, sinus headaches) so I was up all day today. I figured I would get up and go lay down before work.

I stopped off at the bathroom to “empty my tank” and as I’m standing there I instantly felt hot and not really dizzy, but felt like I might be sick. I quickly finished, grabbed onto the cabinet unit over our toilet to steady myself….

….and that’s the last I remember.

I woke up feeling like I had a nice little nap, and then instantly felt panicked. Realizing my head was leaning over the dog’s food dish against the wall, my legs cramped up against the toilet (my body in the tiny space between toilet and sink counter).

I try and successfully extract myself from the space and somehow manage to stand up, and stumble to my bedroom. I lay down and start to feel pain over my body.

My shin hurt, my back, but not my head.

Amy had just got home and the kids are freaking out at her. She comes in and asses my damage with her first aid training.

So I’ve been lying here with ice packs on and her checking my eye’s dilation every 30 minutes.

Apparently I had hit the toilet with my shin so hard that I shifted the toilet two inches. My leg is bruised and a little swollen. It had an “indent” from resting on something while I was passed out, but that’s back to normal.

I scrapped my back on the way down and Amy thinks I lightly knocked my head 3 times on the way down. Once on the counter, once on the toilet paper holder and once on the wall or dog dish. My head doesn’t hurt at all, but I have some slight bruises and some scraps.

I’m better now, I have a great nurse (although she can be a little demanding).

She thinks it happened because I had only eaten at breakfast and hadn’t drank any water all day. I was either dehydrated or had low blood sugar or both. So she’s been having me drink water and feeding me.

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