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Never paint stripes…

Alright, I said it… For a week I have been painting Dominic’s room. We got the crazy idea from his comforter set. It has a matching border and lightswitch cover. So we took the border in and matched the colors … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

What a day. It started out good. We went over to my great-aunts and grandmothers in the morning to do gifts and brunch. My dad wasn’t there yet, so we did our gifts and helped finish the get the food … Continue reading

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The start of a new school year!

Well, the kids are off to school this week. Courtney and Dominic started their first days of school yesterday. Mikayla started hers today. It’s so weird not having a child in the house. It’s so quiet. Yet kind of nice. … Continue reading

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A disclaimer

Someone is going around telling family members that I have this blog to specifically say bad things about people. So, to the person who is reading my blog and twisting my words. STOP. I don’t know you, I have never … Continue reading

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An Upper and a Downer…

We had a pampered chef party last night, which was fun it was a Tappas party. We had some amazing food. We only had two other people show up, other than Amy, Charmin, Cindy and myself. The end of the … Continue reading

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computers suck

I hate it when you labor at something for days only to find out it was in vain… I got a bug up my ass last weekend to wipe out my old PC and turn it into a server. Upgrade … Continue reading

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I am sick and tired of being treated this way….

I have had it… This stress that has been making my eye twitch for 6 days, has finally made me burst. I have some things I need to get out. And of course, what better place than here. First of … Continue reading

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