Christmas Eve

What a day.

It start­ed out good. We went over to my great-aunts and grand­moth­ers in the morn­ing to do gifts and brunch. My dad wasn’t there yet, so we did our gifts and helped fin­ish the get the food ready.

Final­ly my dad shows up and we said hi, he came in and set his stuff down. And the most hor­rid thing hap­pened…

My ex-uncle, Skip, walked in (my dad’s old­er broth­er). I imme­di­ate­ly got a headache.

This man ver­bal­ly abused me for 20 years. This man is so vile, that when­ev­er he was around, my dad would even join in with him and ver­bal­ly abuse me as well. I think it was a con­trol issue. This man had such an influ­ence in my father’s life (as an autho­r­a­tive fig­ure) that my dad became this kid that need­ed approval.

So he walks in. And I am imme­di­ate­ly pissed. Pissed at the fact that they had men­tioned that he would be in town and we specif­i­cal­ly said we didn’t want to see him, if he was going to be there, we would not. They said he wouldn’t. For weeks they said he would not be there.

So we were pissed that he was there.

I guess I should explain, the main I rea­son I don’t want to be around this man, was that the last time I saw him, we got into a HUGE argu­ment, because he was try­ing to do the same thing to my son, that he did to me. Telling us to make sure he doesn’t become a fag, etc. And say­ing this to Dominic, who was only 4 or 5 at the time. And he kept call­ing him sparky.

So I was extreme­ly pissed, I imme­di­ate­ly moved all our din­ner plates to anoth­er table, away from them. But then they all ate in the liv­ing room, so that didn’t help mat­ters. Every­thing was pret­ty much okay, he didn’t try to talk to me or my fam­i­ly. But the ten­sion was in the air. Espe­cial­ly, with my dad, like he knew I was pissed and he was pleased at it. Which made me even more aggra­vat­ed.

As we were get­ting ready to leave, they were talk­ing about Mikay­la in Dance and Dominic men­tioned that he used to be in dance, but now he is wrestling (which he isn’t) and then my ex-uncle says, “Good, we don’t want you to become a sis­sy boy” (or some­thing to that nature.)

I was so glad we were on our way out, that I let it slide and we imme­di­ate­ly left.

So then we left and came home, and got ready for our next par­ty. Which was such a HUGE hit. We had lots more fun. Every­thing turned out great and we loved see­ing every­one!

Thank­ful­ly tomor­row is Christ­mas and it will be a bet­ter day!

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