I have had it…

This stress that has been mak­ing my eye twitch for 6 days, has final­ly made me burst. I have some things I need to get out. And of course, what bet­ter place than here.

First of all, I wish peo­ple would cut me some slack about my past. I am real­ly get­ting tired of peo­ple bring­ing up or mak­ing jokes about the fact that I “used to be gay”. For the record, I nev­er slept with any­one, oth­er than my wife. I was teased since 1st grade until high school about being gay. It got so bad, that I start­ed to actu­al­ly believe it.

Yes, I dressed in drag like 3 times, two were for a cos­tume par­ty and one was a dare to go with my roo­mate and her sis­ter to the Mall of Amer­i­ca and they were in freak­ish out­fits and wigs, while I was in plain jeans and a nice shirt. Whoop de doo, that real­ly does­n’t qual­i­fy me as a drag queen. Sorry.

I am also fed up with a lot of shit that Amy and I seemed to just accept from peo­ple, cause heav­en for­bid we should “cre­ate waves”. Well I am tired of it. I am tired of peo­ple judg­ing us and tak­ing us for grant­ed and not even GIVING US A FUCKING THANK YOU!

I am tired of peo­ple think­ing were fat, because we eat to much or we eat too many sweet. When in truth they don’t know that we eat very healthy and strug­gle every­day with our weight and that it is a very hard thing to deal with and that we don’t keep sweets in the house.

Those peo­ple don’t live with me, so it piss­es me off that they go and tell their fam­i­ly that we’re fat cause we eat to much. It’s heart break­ing to have some­one you love, come up to you and tell you to your face that your fat.

I am tired of peo­ple walk­ing all over Amy demand­ing that she do things for them (even go as far as mak­ing her re-arrange her whole sched­ule to accom­mo­date them) just because she is a stay at home mom.

They seem to think she does­n’t do any­thing all day. She is the most busiest per­son I know. With­out her, this fam­i­ly would­n’t be able to function.

She cleans, get the gro­ceries, pays the bills, helps me bal­ance the books–budgets to finances (not only us but my sis­ter too), takes the kids to all their activ­i­ties, does tap class­es, goes to a church group, vol­un­teers for girls scouts…

She does­n’t have time to help you with every lit­tle prob­lem you have and she will not be your go-between, just because you don’t want to talk to some­one. Grow up and deal with your own shit.

I am tired of peo­ple think­ing were made of mon­ey, just because we know how to bud­get and get a few nice things here and there.

I am tired of teenagers and chil­dren alike; not get­ting the love, atten­tion and super­vi­sion they deserve and fear for how that is going to effect their lives as they grow old­er. It just seems that no one is think­ing about their future and what the present can do to alter that.

I can’t believe I just typed all that. I should delete it and not even post it, but part of me is tired of keep­ing my mouth shut and not express­ing myself to some­one. How can change come about it some­one does­n’t stand up and say something.

2 thoughts on “I am sick and tired of being treated this way.…

  1. I don’t know how I got to this par­tic­u­lar web­site blog, but I want you to know I cried when I read it. One, it made me think of how peo­ple treat me and that oth­er peo­ple go thru the same rough things as me. Also, I won’t joke to my daugh­ter she is chub­by. I know it can hurt. –a mom in IL

  2. First of all, wel­come to my site. Sec­ond­ly, thank you for the kind words, it means a lot to me. I had a lot of stuff going on that day and i just need­ed to get it all out. Thank you again!

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