Let’s Make a Joyful Noise!

Joyful Noise opened up in theater’s almost two weeks ago.

Quick summary: It’s Sister Act 2, mixed with Glee, with a little Romeo and Juliet thrown in there. If you like music, and you like a good story, you’ll like this movie.

My full review: The wife and I went out to see it for our date night. Starring Dolly Parton, I knew I would like it, but it surprised even me on how good it was.

Initially I was worried that Amy may not like this movie, but only go to appease me, because she knows I love Dolly. But at the end, even she was talking about how much she actually enjoyed it and I could hear the enthusiasm in her voice as she told others about the movie.

The rivalry between Queen Latifah and Dolly is just enough to bring some humor to the movie. But it is a sort of rivalry that is a little reminiscence of the rivalry of Wheezer and the dad in Steel magnolia’s. They can’t stand each other, but you know deep down inside they are very fond of each other.

Not only is there funny parts in this movie, but there are a few tender moments that can bring on a few tears if your not careful, and the growing tension between Q.L. and Keke Palmer creates some very dramatic and tense scenes. These two really deliver a powerful performance.

While Dolly isn’t an actress (she’s admitted that in her autobiography), she is a “character” and she plays her character well. She has some nice one-liners in there and some touching moments that I thing she performs nicely and at times very powerful.

There is a few side story lines with some of the supporting cast. They’re light stories, but if you don’t pay attention, you may miss out on how some of those story’s close out at the end. (For instance the choir member who talks with Q.L. on the bus to the competition, hasn’t been feeling the “spirit”, so in the medley he has a sort of reawakening and has a little dance scene that seems out of place if you didn’t catch that first conversation.) But my favorite story line is one of the female choir members and her love life.

The music is great! From some uptempo Gospels, hip hop rejoicing, a nice ballad or two and some retooling of pop songs they all leave you feeling good and in many cases ready to move! Dolly wrote a few of the songs in the movie and they hold up well with the rest.

If your looking for a movie with a good story (even though this kind of story has been told before) I highly recommend it.

If my history serves me, I believe this was initially supposed to be a TV show that Dolly had been shopping around for a few years, but I think it does well opening as a movie. I could see this being a fun sitcom though.


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