So, I missed a lot of Smal­l­ville when it first aired, and I have been watch­ing old episodes.

But, I have to admit, the one thing that I just love, is that they tried to include every­one that was ever in the Super­man line before.

I’m watch­ing the sea­son where Kara is introduced…and they do a flash back to where she sees Lara, Clark’s mother…and who plays Lara?  The same actress that played Super­girl in the Super­girl Movie!

And two episodes before that, it was Dean Cain. And I saw Christo­pher Reeves, and the orig­i­nal Lois Lane (her name escapes me right now, but I used to know it.

I love that the creators/directors when to that much trou­ble for the fans.

UPDATE: I noticed a few things and I was able to cap­ture one of them…I love this kind of detail they put into the show:

Notice the headline…A Won­der Woman Reference!

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