So, I missed a lot of Smallville when it first aired, and I have been watching old episodes.

But, I have to admit, the one thing that I just love, is that they tried to include everyone that was ever in the Superman line before.

I’m watching the season where Kara is introduced…and they do a flash back to where she sees Lara, Clark’s mother…and who plays Lara?  The same actress that played Supergirl in the Supergirl Movie!

And two episodes before that, it was Dean Cain. And I saw Christopher Reeves, and the original Lois Lane (her name escapes me right now, but I used to know it.

I love that the creators/directors when to that much trouble for the fans.

UPDATE: I noticed a few things and I was able to capture one of them…I love this kind of detail they put into the show:

Notice the headline...A Wonder Woman Reference!

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