Project 365 #34

So on Friday night we got to hang out with Katie and Troy for a dinner and a movie.

I can’t say enough about Katie and Troy. I am so blessed to have them both in my family’s life.

They are super awesome friends (I would even say their my best friends!) who come to just about all our family functions (I guess that would make them family wouldn’t it!?) They try to come to all our kids school events, birthdays, what have you, when they can make it.

Katie even helps out Amy and I in our Creative Memories business; not only as a customer, but as an idea maker, planner, and even (like this Friday Night) a worker bee.

Troy is equally as awesome. He built my computer (which kicks ass!) and is very knowledgeable. He has helped me with some web coding projects (that I wouldn’t have been able to take on without him) and we are both geeks and have plenty in common to talk about. And like me, he’s a gamer (but much better at it…he understands WoW gear stats…)

I didn’t have a whole lot of friends growing up, so its great to have friends in my adult life that I can just call and say “I need people” and they show up with dinner (yep, they did that. I was having the worst day of my life, and they showed up with take-out for the whole family….)

We even watch out for each others allergies. We even gave up sodium (as much as we can, its hard to find stuff low sodium) to help them with their transition to low sodium.

I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like with out them. (Thanks Katie and Troy, you guys are the best and I luv ya!)

Okay, I went off on a tangent. Anyways…..back to why I am writing this post.

We ate at the Flame in Roseville and then saw Clash of the Titans in 3D. (I won’t go into huge detail, but basically: a) we had crappy service from the waitress even though she kept calling me sweetheart and darling, b) we shopped at the mall to kill time; c) I liked the original Clash better. But this one was good.)

While we were shopping, Katie, Amy and I all went to Godiva to get our free monthly chocolate (we’re all club members) and I saw these cute little chocolate (orange creme) chicks for Easter. There was 6 in a box, perfect for my family, so I bought them.

We had Easter on Saturday, but I finally go around to eating mine tonight.

Chocoalte Chicks (with a chocolate orange creme filling) NOM NOM NOM

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