Good Times

Last weekend was a great weekend.

First, on Saturday we had Super Saturday Workshop. Its always great to have some time in our scrapbooks, but its even greater with friends. We had fun socializing and working on projects together.

That evening we then had a Dinner Crop, that one of our retreat attenders won. While they ate, Amy gave her CM spiel, so let them know about Creative Memories. And while we don’t put catalogs out for a dinner crop (because it is just about informing them of the CM opportunities — Customer, Host, Consultant — and time for them to “crop”) a good chunk of those in attendance asked for catalogs and we sold our first collection bundle! With the possibility of another. The person who bought a bundle, bought the software packages, and is looking forward to playing with the digital stuff. We also had another attender or two who are very interested in the digital side of things.

Amy was so excited, since we weren’t even expecting that, and it put us closer to our goal of $1000 for the month (we’re working on an exclusive album for consultants that will be used for our Miami trip…its just to perfect not to aim for it).

Open Wide

Then Sunday we had a birthday party of a family members to go to, at a movie theater, where we got to tour the projection area. We had pizza and cake in the party room, watch “The Tooth Fairy” (a great movie) and then got the tour.

Okay, this was really cool and not what I expected.

First, I always thought projectors were in little rooms at the back of each theater. Not quite. This theater had all the projectors in one long hallways that spanned the whole theater. I will never complain about movie start times anymore, because there may be only one projectionist on thee schedule and they have to run back and forth threading film in projectors, and starting machines up and down this long hallway. And, get other work done like splicing film together (A movie doesn’t come on one big roll, it is sent out on smaller rolls and reassembled at the theater, then disassembled and sent out after.)

I thought threading a sewing machine could be difficult. Wow, threading a projector is insane! Watch this video for an example.

The other thing I didn’t expect is that they still use projectors from the 30s & 40s. If you look at this picture, the large box is newer technology, but the actual projector lens area by the window is the older stuff. I guess, if it was built well enough, why change it!?

We got to take home a small clipping of some film (about 7 frames each from the Shrek movie that will be coming out!)


Then we got to go in an area where they have large movie posters set up. The kids loved that. Riley loved the large Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda.

We then went back to the party room to collect our stuff and visit a little more.

It was a great weekend!

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