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Couples Massage Class

Tonight Amy and I had Couples Massage Training* with our Message Therapist Steph over at StoneWater Massage & Skin Care. Before I get to far into this post, I want to be clear, this was not a “sensual” couples massage … Continue reading

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End of a Generation

In 2008, I said goodbye to my Great-Aunt Muriel. (You can read that in this post). Yesterday, at 7:00 p.m. on Valentines Day, Muriel’s Sister (My Grandmother) passed away. She was 86 and a half years old. She was the … Continue reading

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What a start to a week…

This week has started out very rough. First, my grandmother passes away on Valentines day. If that wasn’t enough, tonight, Amy was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I figured it would be easier to give all the details in … Continue reading

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When Angels Dream

I posted on Facebook when I woke up: Woke up in tears…I had a very real-feeling bittersweet dream…long story short: I was “visited” by my great Aunt (who inspired me to be creative growing up) and I was able to … Continue reading

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Back to the basics

Most of you know that I am a very creative person. I love to create things. As I tell people, “If I am not creating, I am grumpy!” But I don’t just create things on the computer. I like creating … Continue reading

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Forming a Moral Compass

Its not my job to “force” my opinions or beliefs, or my opinions of what is “right” and “wrong”. Rather, it is my job as their parent to help them to form their own moral compass and their own beliefs of what is right and wrong. Continue reading

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Bullying: My Personal Experience.

I can still remember the day it all started. It was probably only the second week of 1st grade. In 1st grade we were merged with kids from the other kindergarten classes, the kids who don’t know you. I even remember the incident where the new kids even got friends from my kindergarten class to shun me and not help me with a group project. It was the first time that I would find myself doing a group project by myself. The first of many, many years of being alone. Continue reading

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Facebook Yelled at Me :(

I got yelled at on facebook. I posted: You know something is going on, when you hear whispering…and you get up and your wife rushes out to ask if you are going to bed and tries to “tuck you in”…I … Continue reading

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The Great Anniversary Dinner of Twenty-Ten

Today was my wife’s and I 11th anniversary. We had decided we were going to just go out to eat. Initially, we were going to go to the Flame restaurant in Roseville, but decided it may be too busy and … Continue reading

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Old Skool! Music from the Past!

The wife was listening to some older toons that she had recently heard, and so today, we sat and downloaded some older stuff from the 90’s, when we were in school. So below is the playlist that we could come … Continue reading

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