What a start to a week…

This week has started out very rough.

First, my grandmother passes away on Valentines day. If that wasn’t enough, tonight, Amy was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

I figured it would be easier to give all the details in one blog post.

Amy wasn’t feeling well this morning. But she took Dominic to his foot appointment and then came back and went to bed.

Around noon she was feeling really cold, she drank some water and took some dayquil and then slept the rest of the afternoon.

I then took a nap at 4:30ish so I would be ready for work.

Courtney woke me at 5:30-5:40ish and told me that Amy had a fever of 104.7 (Amy took the temperature I found out later).

I woke up and I couldn’t get Amy to respond to me or answer any questions. No head nods, no verbal anything. Her whole body was very hot and she was shaking. She was also having problems breathing. I also couldn’t get her to really move to sit up or anything, so I had no way of getting her to the car to take her to the hospital.

So I called 911 and had the paramedics come and evaluate her and get her to the hospital.

I couldn’t have been more prouder of Courtney. Her Girl Scout Training served her well. She kept cool and calm and was able to fill in any details to the paramedics that I didn’t know. She kept the other kids (kindly) out of the way. I hated leaving her though, cause I could see the look in her eyes that she was close to loosing it, so I am very grateful that Alex stayed on the phone until Amy’s mom got here.

For as scary as it was, it couldn’t have gone smoother.

Before they left and while I was sitting in the driveway waiting for the ambulance to start driving,  I texted Amy’s Best Friend Katie, my best friend Kellie, and my sister. (Courtney had Amy’s mom, My Mom and her Stepmom Alex covered. Alex stayed on the phone with her until Mona arrived–thank you so much Alex!)

When I got to the hospital and in the room. I updated everyone what I could (that Amy was finally talking and her temperature had gone down.) Her friend Katie texted that her and her husband Troy were on the way and did we need anything? (Amy really wanted a scrunchy for her hair and I really need a mountian dew to stay awake).

Katie and Troy arrive (We love them so much, this isn’t the first time they have dropped everything and shown up for us). Katie even remember Amy’s “Soft Lips” chapstick, cause her lips always get chapped at the Hospital. (Katie even remember a medication that Amy is allergic to that Amy and I forgot about!)

In the end, Amy has flu-like symptoms (we think we know who got her sick), a middle ear infection, sore through, and her whole body really aches. Her legs and right arm kept spasming from pain and they couldn’t get comfortable. But they would feel a little better as she walked.

Katie pulled our van up closer to the doors for Amy and then we went home. Amy crawled in bed and had some applesauce and then fell asleep.

Mona then stayed with the kids until my mom got home from work–we couldn’t get a hold of her at work–she even bought the kids dinner and some gifts and got Amy a big pink heart shaped fluffy pillow to help her feel better.

Thank you to everyone who was so supportive…after these past few days, I really hope things start to return to normal.

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  1. Margie says:

    I wish I would have known. There probably wasn’t much I could do that everyone else didn’t have covered. I hope Amy is feeling a lot better today. Take good care of her, she is an angel! Love you both. HUGS to everyone!!

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