Facebook Yelled at Me :(

I got yelled at on facebook. I posted:

You know something is going on, when you hear whispering…and you get up and your wife rushes out to ask if you are going to bed and tries to “tuck you in”…I fought my way past her, my mom and Courtney to my office to see what they did….

And some friends of mine posted:

David: and…? no fair leaving the suspense.

Kelly: I agree with David – no fair. When you wake up (again) please post the rest of the story! 🙂

Tammy: Right!!!

So here is the full story. The best part is the first half.

Saturday night I was scheduled for overtime at work. But it was cancelled.

I ended up falling asleep in my chair, and at around 9 p.m. I decided to move off to my bedroom. Mainly because I couldn’t feel my left arm or leg. they fell asleep.

As I am sitting in the chair, waiting for feeling to come back, I hear this whispering coming from the back of the house, where my office is.

I finally get up, and start heading over there and there is Amy, Courtney and Cindy in the kitchen talking.

Amy looks over at me and sweetly says, “Are you going to bed sweetie?” and I tell her “yes.” She then ushers me into our bedroom and and tries to push me onto our bed…I knew something was up.

So I try and muscle past her and she pushes me down and I hit the bed, and with pure momentum, my feet fly up into the air, and when I swing them back down I make my upper body follow them to get me back up.

Amy cries out, “He’s like a damn weeble-wobble! Stop him!” and my Mom (next in line), just moves out of my way…she saw a big man comin and ran.

Courtney, the last line of defense, tries to stop me, but I used my weight and channeled my inner football player and pushed past her and got into my office.

I’m looking around (half tired too) and don’t notice anything right away. Slowly I start noticing things.

My office looks cleaner for one. All my piles of crap are in nicer piles of crap.

Then I notice one of my cabinets is cleaned off and my Oriental Collection from the bedroom dresser is sitting there. Then I notice more of the collection by my monitors.

Cabinets are cleaned out a little. My Chinese Take-out lamp is on my desk, my small asian wooden dishes are now holding my keys and other smaller items.

Amy then tells me that I was supposed to be going to work, so she could finish! She was also going to try and fix my cabinet doors that are hanging on by one screw each.

And that was pretty much it. I then crawled into bed.

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