The Paint­ing in my Friends B&B

So, I have been watch­ing all the Charmed episodes I have missed, and some­thing in their house kept strik­ing me as familiar…this one paint­ing kept jump­ing out at me in the back­ground. Even if it was just in a few frames, my eyes kept catch­ing it!

I had to take a screen shot so that I had a ref­er­ence, after look­ing through my pho­tos I found out that my friend’s Bed & Break­fast has the same paint­ing in her house!

The Paint­ing as seen in one of the Charmed Episodes

1 thought on “A Charmed Painting

  1. My moth­er has had this “paint­ing” (all iter­a­tions seem to be art prints in a frame) for around forty years. I end­ed up see­ing it, too, in numer­ous Charmed episodes, much to my sur­prise. I won­der how many are still around out there. 🙂

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