A Charmed Painting

The Painting in my Friends B&B

So, I have been watching all the Charmed episodes I have missed, and something in their house kept striking me as familiar…this one painting kept jumping out at me in the background. Even if it was just in a few frames, my eyes kept catching it!

I had to take a screen shot so that I had a reference, after looking through my photos I found out that my friend’s Bed & Breakfast has the same painting in her house!

The Painting as seen in one of the Charmed Episodes

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  1. Sworly says:

    My mother has had this “painting” (all iterations seem to be art prints in a frame) for around forty years. I ended up seeing it, too, in numerous Charmed episodes, much to my surprise. I wonder how many are still around out there. 🙂

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