Today’s post is about WoW (World of War­craft). I just love the game. My friends got me start­ed and we would all play together…now after four years we aren’t on as much…but it is still a great way to relax after a stress­ful day…you just log on and kill stuff.… 😉

This is my “new” main Kagera. My only lev­el 80. This pic­ture was tak­en dur­ing the “Love is in the Air” hol­i­day (Valen­tines) and these boats were dri­ving around the moat on their own (kin­da like a tun­nel of love) this pic­ture embod­ies how I feel in the game lately…lonely. Since all my friends either quit the game (*cough* Aram­etheus *cough*) or they just aren’t on as much or we just need to coor­di­nate some game time togeth­er (*cough* Nylarue *cough*)

But, I still enjoy the game. I got my old­est son on it again, so we can “bond” togeth­er. Mat­ter of fact, he is sit­ting right next to me play­ing right now. 😉 (A lit­tle war­rior in the making).

Love is in the Air.…Hey, Where did Every­body Go?

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