My Favorite Place in Mounds View

Today is a two-fer!

Yes, I can eat with Chop­sticks (Thanks Lakeisha)!

I love the Pink Flower in Mounds View. My fam­i­ly has been going there for years. So much so that my dad now does their tax­es and we know the own­ers personally.

We have been to many dif­fer­ent ori­en­tal restau­rants, and while many are good. None com­pare to the “sta­ples” offered here. Their Cream cheese won­tons are very large, and full of cream cheese.

Their egg rolls (as well as their won­tons) are home made and hand rolled there at the restau­rant. The veg­e­tar­i­an egg rolls are my favorite as they are so light and not “heavy” feel­ing or greasy.

My favorite dish­es are the Sweet & Sour Chick­en with Veg­eta­bles and the Sesame Chick­en (which is more of a non-spicy orange chicken).

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