Can I just say, I LOVE sandwiches. I always have, growing up. They are quick, filling and just delicious.

I have had some transformations over the years in my sandwich of choice. Some of them have been very odd, some have come from others, but were my favorites over the years:
  1. Mayo & Bologna on white — This was my first sandwich of choice. Growing up, during Kindergarten half-days, I would go over to a neighbors (my sisters best-friends house) and her mom would always make me a bologna sandwich. To this day, I can still remember where she kept her bread, her mayo and the bologna.
  2. Bologna sandwich, with either a oreo cookie, or some chips inside — My mom and I discovered these. Something about the odd texture and different tastes.
  3. Mayo & peanut-butter on white — I graduated to this one day. But I didn’t realize that my dad used to eat the same thing when he was growing up. Its an acquired taste. Tangy.
  4. BLT — Whenever we would go out to a sit-down restaurant, I would always order a BLT if they had it on the menu. To this day, I still love BLTs, in any form as you will see.
  5. Cheese slice & Mayo on white — The son of my God Parents made me one when we were younger and I was hooked.
  6. PB&J — Of course, I loved this standard
  7. Mayo & Tomato on white — For years this was my sandwich of choice. One slice of tomato with Mayo. Kinda like a BLT. I would make one when I didn’t have Bacon or lettuce.
  8. Bacon-bits & mayo on white — Again, when no BLT could be made (or no bacon for that matter) I would raid the Bacon Bits and put them on a mayo sandwich. Something about the texture and taste.
  9. Pickle & Mayo on white (or a rolled up in a tortilla, with mayo) — I don’t know where this came from, but I loved em! Something about the taste. Had to be dill, although a bread & butter did make a good substitute.
  10. Tuna Fish salad — Somewhere I discovered I liked this. But I only like it in this form (or Amy’s Tuna salad).
  11. Chicken Salad (with apples) — I always like Chicken salad, but when we bought our magic bullet, their recipe included chopped up apples. Thought I would try it and LOVE it. It just gives this nice taste.
  12. Turkey (or chicken) with mayo, tomato and lettuce — This became a favorite during high school, but to be health conscious, I skipped the mayo.
Somewhere as I got older, my taste refined themselves (although I do revert occasionally). I now have a love of more gourmet sandwiches (most sandwiches have either turkey or chicken, I have never liked ham) as well as lettuce and tomato, mayo and mustard (who knew I would ever like mustard!):
  1. Sprouts — This came about during my second stint at AlphaGraphics. They would order lunch from a place called “Pig” (at least, that is what Karmen called it, I don’t remember the actual name). Something about the texture and taste on a sandwich. LOVE IT!
  2. Avocado — Ever since I discovered Guacamole (yes, I was the one who discovered this great substance, you can thank me later) at our local Mexican Restaurant (Monterrey’s) I loved Avocado. Especially in wraps or sandwiches. Again, I found this luxury on a sandwich from “Pig”.
  3. Pineapple — Who knew fruit could go IN your sandwich! I had a burger from “The Flame” called the Aloha Burger, that I loved (I can now ONLY have my hamburgers with the fixings and Pineapple on them) and discovered that sandwiches work just as well. (Nix the mustard though–Teriyaki sauce works good too, but only a little bit)
  4. Croissants — I love having a sandwich on a croissant, the buttery goodness!
So, those are my sandwiches…looking at those, I am getting hungry and realized I haven’t had a pickle sandwich in a LONG time…whose hungry?
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