Can I just say, I LOVE sand­wich­es. I always have, grow­ing up. They are quick, fill­ing and just delicious.

I have had some trans­for­ma­tions over the years in my sand­wich of choice. Some of them have been very odd, some have come from oth­ers, but were my favorites over the years:
  1. Mayo & Bologna on white — This was my first sand­wich of choice. Grow­ing up, dur­ing Kinder­garten half-days, I would go over to a neigh­bors (my sis­ters best-friends house) and her mom would always make me a bologna sand­wich. To this day, I can still remem­ber where she kept her bread, her mayo and the bologna.
  2. Bologna sand­wich, with either a oreo cook­ie, or some chips inside — My mom and I dis­cov­ered these. Some­thing about the odd tex­ture and dif­fer­ent tastes.
  3. Mayo & peanut-but­ter on white — I grad­u­at­ed to this one day. But I did­n’t real­ize that my dad used to eat the same thing when he was grow­ing up. Its an acquired taste. Tangy.
  4. BLT – When­ev­er we would go out to a sit-down restau­rant, I would always order a BLT if they had it on the menu. To this day, I still love BLTs, in any form as you will see.
  5. Cheese slice & Mayo on white — The son of my God Par­ents made me one when we were younger and I was hooked.
  6. PB&J — Of course, I loved this standard
  7. Mayo & Toma­to on white — For years this was my sand­wich of choice. One slice of toma­to with Mayo. Kin­da like a BLT. I would make one when I did­n’t have Bacon or lettuce. 
  8. Bacon-bits & mayo on white — Again, when no BLT could be made (or no bacon for that mat­ter) I would raid the Bacon Bits and put them on a mayo sand­wich. Some­thing about the tex­ture and taste. 
  9. Pick­le & Mayo on white (or a rolled up in a tor­tilla, with mayo) — I don’t know where this came from, but I loved em! Some­thing about the taste. Had to be dill, although a bread & but­ter did make a good substitute.
  10. Tuna Fish sal­ad — Some­where I dis­cov­ered I liked this. But I only like it in this form (or Amy’s Tuna salad).
  11. Chick­en Sal­ad (with apples) — I always like Chick­en sal­ad, but when we bought our mag­ic bul­let, their recipe includ­ed chopped up apples. Thought I would try it and LOVE it. It just gives this nice taste.
  12. Turkey (or chick­en) with mayo, toma­to and let­tuce — This became a favorite dur­ing high school, but to be health con­scious, I skipped the mayo.
Some­where as I got old­er, my taste refined them­selves (although I do revert occa­sion­al­ly). I now have a love of more gourmet sand­wich­es (most sand­wich­es have either turkey or chick­en, I have nev­er liked ham) as well as let­tuce and toma­to, mayo and mus­tard (who knew I would ever like mustard!):
  1. Sprouts — This came about dur­ing my sec­ond stint at Alpha­Graph­ics. They would order lunch from a place called “Pig” (at least, that is what Kar­men called it, I don’t remem­ber the actu­al name). Some­thing about the tex­ture and taste on a sand­wich. LOVE IT!
  2. Avo­ca­do — Ever since I dis­cov­ered Gua­camole (yes, I was the one who dis­cov­ered this great sub­stance, you can thank me lat­er) at our local Mex­i­can Restau­rant (Mon­ter­rey’s) I loved Avo­ca­do. Espe­cial­ly in wraps or sand­wich­es. Again, I found this lux­u­ry on a sand­wich from “Pig”.
  3. Pineap­ple — Who knew fruit could go IN your sand­wich! I had a burg­er from “The Flame” called the Alo­ha Burg­er, that I loved (I can now ONLY have my ham­burg­ers with the fix­ings and Pineap­ple on them) and dis­cov­ered that sand­wich­es work just as well. (Nix the mus­tard though–Teriyaki sauce works good too, but only a lit­tle bit)
  4. Crois­sants — I love hav­ing a sand­wich on a crois­sant, the but­tery goodness!
So, those are my sandwiches…looking at those, I am get­ting hun­gry and real­ized I haven’t had a pick­le sand­wich in a LONG time…whose hungry?

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