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New software

So, I got new software for Adobe Creative Suite 3. It takes some getting used to. But one of the new things is this Adobe Contribute. It lets me blog from it and create quick pages for my website, so … Continue reading

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SURPRISE!… What a birthday!

Yesterday was my GOLDEN birthday… And what a day it was. First of all, I knew a little bit about what was going on. I accidentally found out (contrary to people saying I snooped). I really didn’t want to know, … Continue reading

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(Ultra)Sound The Horns!

It’s official! Riley Montgomery is due March 7th! I am very excited. And the fact that it is a boy! Now we will finally have some sort of balance in this house. It’s been 2 boys against 3 girls for … Continue reading

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More art……so suffer

I hate possession, BUT I LOVE MY WACOM! THANK YOU Kiki! Here is more art: This one I did with Digital Watercolor. Very different to use, but I really like the texture and the “brush” look. To make the spray … Continue reading

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Can I Get another AMEN!

We saw the new house today. O.M.G. is it gorgeous. There is plenty of room for everyone. The girls and boy get split up into their own rooms, Cindy gets her own room and we get our own room and … Continue reading

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