We saw the new house today.

O.M.G. is it gor­geous. There is plen­ty of room for everyone.

The girls and boy get split up into their own rooms, Cindy gets her own room and we get our own room and our own bath­room (with a whirlpool!). The kitchen is great, the liv­ing room is huge, so is the din­ing room. And there is a sun room that we can use as a office!! Plus room for a table to fold clothes that come from the wash­er and dry­er next to it!

I can­not wait. It has so much space for us that it is so per­fect. I just pray that every­thing falls into place for us. They are try­ing to move it and fin­ish the inte­ri­or work by the end of this month! We could be moved in by June! I am sooooo excit­ed! (UPDATE: we did­n’t move in until July 1st. And just bare­ly… read future posts..)

Keep us in your prayers and thoughts!

Here is the House Lay­out (click to enlarge):

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