You know how when you’re on the road, and some oth­er dri­ver speeds past you or does some­thing stu­pid, and you think to your­self, “Where are the police when you need them?”

Well, I thought that tonight on the way to work, and was imme­di­ate­ly giv­en an answer…they we’re right behind me.

I was dri­ving down 35W in the mid­dle lane, near Coun­ty Road C and this car came fly­ing by me on the left, and cut close­ly between me and truck that was in front of them on the left lane, and then sped past and cut in front of the truck.

I was going 60mph, and they had to be going 80–90mph, it was insane.

So I got over in the left (since I need­ed the Cleve­land exit soon) and just as I moved over, a cop came fly­ing past in the lane I was just in and start­ed weav­ing between cars.

1/4 of a mile lat­er, their lights go on and they pulled over that car.

It was nice to see a reck­less dri­ver get pulled over for their stupidity.

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