Go Speedracer!

You know how when you’re on the road, and some other driver speeds past you or does something stupid, and you think to yourself, “Where are the police when you need them?”

Well, I thought that tonight on the way to work, and was immediately given an answer…they we’re right behind me.

I was driving down 35W in the middle lane, near County Road C and this car came flying by me on the left, and cut closely between me and truck that was in front of them on the left lane, and then sped past and cut in front of the truck.

I was going 60mph, and they had to be going 80-90mph, it was insane.

So I got over in the left (since I needed the Cleveland exit soon) and just as I moved over, a cop came flying past in the lane I was just in and started weaving between cars.

1/4 of a mile later, their lights go on and they pulled over that car.

It was nice to see a reckless driver get pulled over for their stupidity.

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