My good friend Katie told me of her project to take a pho­to every day. “Project 365”. I found it very intrigu­ing and thought I would do the same. Since I don’t do much with my cam­era late­ly and I don’t do much with this blog.

Now, my plan was to start March 1st, but I am a lit­tle late. So, this post will have four pho­tos in it!
First Pho­to: My wife and I are active in Girl scouts (yes, I am a reg­is­tered Girl Scout!)
girl scouts
The Girl Scout Mail­box, reminds me of a “spy” drop off.
Sec­ond Pho­to: This is my youngest Riley. He enjoys going with mom­my (and some­times me) on var­i­ous errands.
Riley in the Car
Riley in the Car
Third pho­to: Matthews Restau­rant. They have some fan­tas­tic break­fast. I love their Mon­ster Omelet, their Banana Shakes and their Banana French Toast.
Matthew's Restaurant
Matthew’s Restau­rant
Fourth Pho­to: A Frac­tion of my desk. I actu­al­ly have a large desk, but this is where I cre­ate. Now, while I strive to be orga­nized and keep my area clean…more often then not, it gets very cluttered…until it dri­ves me nuts and I clean. What you can’t see is the two large print­ers (one on each all-in-one and a wide-for­mat), tons of trays and oth­er junk…I real­ly need to reorganize…I would love to redec­o­rate and make the space feel more like “me”.
My Office
Where the mag­ic happens.…sort of.…

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