As much as I don’t care for work­ing third shift, I have to admit I have been blessed.

Not only do I get treat­ed to a fire­work show every night, dur­ing the State Fair, for my entire ride to work (all down 35W)…

But I also get to enjoy morn­ings like these as I dri­ve home…


I would­n’t get to see those items, real­ly, otherwise…


I chose the Title “God’s Col­or­ing Book” for this post, because it tru­ly is one of my favorite Dol­ly Par­ton songs. I’d sing it Karaoke if I could find it…it real­ly talks about how beau­ti­ful this earth is…this song could, lit­er­al­ly, be the rea­son why I am, or strive to be a conservationist-environmentalist-tree-hugger.

Here’s a link to the orig­i­nal ver­sion (which I like much bet­ter than her new­er remake.)

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