He Works Hard for the Money

Well hello all, it has been awhile since I wrote.

I started a new job on Monday. I am working with a company in St. Paul. I have three weeks of training during the day and then I will switch to 3rd shift.

Not quiet looking forward to the whole 3rd shift thing. But it is more money, and then Amy will have the car during the day.

Riley is making lots of sounds. He is figuring out his voice and making noises from low to high squeals. He likes to gurgle and goo. He is getting so big as well.

He had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and he is in the 90 percentile in weight, the 75 percentile in height and 99 percentile for his head size. So that means, he can hold his head up, but not for too long, because he is ‘top heavy’. His head is too heavy for him. Hopefully by his next appointment in 2 months, that will have corrected itself.

Other than that, he is doing great!

His hair is growing out so he looks so cute cause it is spiking on his head!

He had a doctors appointment yesterday and it seems he has an ear infection. We had thought that he was teething (he wasn’t rubbing his ears at all) so we were giving him teething gel and a teething ring and it seemed to work. To doctor told us why it seemed to work was because it was relieving the pressure in his ears as he would chew on it.

We also had the doctor look at his big toes. Ever since he was born the nail on those two toes grew a little different. And his big toes were very red. Well, it turns out they are infected. So we have to clean them out and apply antiseptic on them to help them heal.

He also had two shots in his leg. So Tuesday night he had a fever. From the ear ache and the shots, he wasn’t very happy. He just wanted to snuggle. Poor guy.

He seemed to do better in the morning, although his fever was starting up again.

Not much else is going on. I will keep ya posted!

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