A few months ago I read the Book Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. Which depicts the Wiz­ard of Oz sto­ry from the witch­es life. From death to birth. It is a great book.

Recent­ly, it was made into a Broad­way Musi­cal (with Galin­da’s part beefed up more.) This video is from my favorite song in the show. I have seen many videos and this is the best per­for­mance that I have seen.

It is very Fun­ny! In this Scene, Galin­da (A.K.A. Glin­da the Good) is room­mates with Elpha­ba (A.K.A. The wicked witch of the west) and they just recent­ly became friends, so Galin­da is going to make Elpha­ba her pet project and make her pop­u­lar. Galin­da is very pop­u­lar and kind of ditzy.

{UPDATE: The video has been removed 🙁 )

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