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Well, I am on my last week of training for my new assignment. I can’t wait to get started, but I am a little nervous too. It will be different once I am ‘out on the floor’. But I wish all my other clients had training like this. Very comprehensive.

Riley is getting so very big. We had to buy him a new car seat. I can’t get over how happy and smiley he is. Whenever he sees Amy, my mom or me, he just lights up and smiles at us. He loves to laugh at me. I tell Amy, it is because of my hair!

Recently we sat him in from of my laptop and he was so engrossed in it.

He would try and tap on the keys and just watch the monitor. A few days later, Amy put him in from of my moms PC and he would just attack those keys and watch the screen. When something would pop up, he would try and make it reappear by hitting one side of the keyboard and then the other. And if it worked, he would do it again. He is very smart and will be using a computer in no time.

Amy has him on baby food now. He loves it! She will mix the baby food with rice cereal and he just eats it up.

And of course, he loves his snuggle time. Last night mom had him asleep and not 5 minutes later he was awake. Mom put him next to me on the couch (where he could watch me play World of Warcraft) and not 5 minutes later, he was back asleep!

Amy will put him in bed with us, in the early morning, and he will slowly edge his head close to me, and push Amy off the bed with his feet. So she ends up going to sleep in another room and Riley and I have the bed to ourselves. And he will sleep for a few more hours.

Courtney has been gone most of the summer. She switches weeks with her dad, but the last time we had her she was at Girl Scout Camp. Then the when she went back to her dads, she went to their church camp. So she has been just a camping away.

Dominic and Mikayla are both doing good. Just hanging around the house, getting on each others nerves. They play nice one day, fight like hell the next. Usual sibling stuff.

My dad has been in the hospital since June 14, and I finally went out to see him last night. Time just flew by and I had so much going on with the family that I didn’t have a chance to visit him. That, and I don’t like hospitals unless a baby is being born.

Dad had to have the back part of his leg removed, and if it doesn’t heal, they may need to take off his leg from above the knee. He is doing better. He originally went in for pacemaker problems and tiredness and they found out his leg was infected (I think there was a blocked artery). He is not expected to get out for another 8-14 weeks!

Not much else has been happening around the house. Been pretty quiet.

Currently in my iPod:

  • Popular – From the Broadway Play WICKED
  • Evanescense
  • Beautiful to Me – Dolly Parton
  • Not Ready to Make Nice – Dixie Chicks
  • Everything for Free – K’s Choice
  • One – Mary J. Blige & US
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