Wow… One hol­i­day down, two more to go!

We had a won­der­ful Thanks­giv­ing. We had 14(?) peo­ple at our home.

I put togeth­er a pho­to slide show on the DVD play­er so every­one could look at pho­tos while wait­ing for the food to fin­ish (Which was just about as soon as every­one arrived–Amy is per­fect at plan­ning how long to cook a turkey) Speak­ing of which, the turkey was absolute­ly deli­cious, so moist. All the food was good.

Yes­ter­day, we went to say good­bye to some rel­a­tives who are mov­ing to Vir­ginia, MN about 3 hours away from us. We are going to miss them. We went over for the day with the kids, vis­it­ed and ate. Then took the kids home and my mom watched them while we went back and vis­it­ed some more and stayed there until about 12:30 am.

Amy is leav­ing to go get her lit­tle broth­er and have him come over and vis­it with us. I love her lit­tle brothers–they’re 15(?)–but they’re my boyz!

I have nev­er had broth­ers, so it’s cool to have some lit­tle broth­er to teach how to shave (I bought them they’re first set) and instruct them on dif­fer­ent pat­terns (I have had many through the years and had to teach myself, so it’s nice to teach them and not have them go through the same mis­takes I did) I love dem boyz!

Oth­er than that, not much else is going on. I hope to have my fam­i­ly Christ­mas pho­tos done soon so I can start col­or cor­rect­ing, com­po­si­tion and fix­ing them for print. Hope­ful­ly will have them print­ed in 2 weeks. (Kin­da cut­ting it close!)

Till next time, God bless!

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