Turkey Day is over…time for a nap!

Wow… One holiday down, two more to go!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had 14(?) people at our home.

I put together a photo slide show on the DVD player so everyone could look at photos while waiting for the food to finish (Which was just about as soon as everyone arrived–Amy is perfect at planning how long to cook a turkey) Speaking of which, the turkey was absolutely delicious, so moist. All the food was good.

Yesterday, we went to say goodbye to some relatives who are moving to Virginia, MN about 3 hours away from us. We are going to miss them. We went over for the day with the kids, visited and ate. Then took the kids home and my mom watched them while we went back and visited some more and stayed there until about 12:30 am.

Amy is leaving to go get her little brother and have him come over and visit with us. I love her little brothers–they’re 15(?)–but they’re my boyz!

I have never had brothers, so it’s cool to have some little brother to teach how to shave (I bought them they’re first set) and instruct them on different patterns (I have had many through the years and had to teach myself, so it’s nice to teach them and not have them go through the same mistakes I did) I love dem boyz!

Other than that, not much else is going on. I hope to have my family Christmas photos done soon so I can start color correcting, composition and fixing them for print. Hopefully will have them printed in 2 weeks. (Kinda cutting it close!)

Till next time, God bless!

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