This past week and a half I have been depressed and stressed and just down. Main­ly because we are wait­ing to hear if we were approved in the new park we are mov­ing to. Then our Man­u­fac­tured Home com­pa­ny called and said they need­ed more info to approve our loan (after they said we were approved) So I was stressed.

Well, We got a call today. We are approved for a loan and did­n’t need that oth­er stuff. (One hand had no clue what the oth­er was doing. Maybe they should com­mu­ni­cate more.) AND…

Drum­roll please…

We got approved to live in the new park. So…

They move the trail­er next week (UPDATE: was actu­al­ly 2 weeks lat­er) and then give them a week or two (Try THREE) to put it all back togeth­er and stuff and we move in around the end of June!!!!!! (Try July…just barely!)

Thank you all to those who gave us prayers, mojo, vibes, and that crazy voodoo-that-you-do-so well!

Now we just have to get all the down pay­ment mon­ey in one place and sign the papers! (Still keeps us in your prayers again, just in case!) (UPDATE: We nev­er offi­cial­ly closed until about a week after we moved in)

So, once we are moved in, I am going to throw a Luau/house warm­ing par­ty in July… more details to follow!

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