Recent­ly I was lis­ten­ing to a pod­cast from “This Week in Pho­tog­ra­phy” (they have some great dis­cus­sions over there) and it got my cre­ative juices flowin.

What would my wish list be? What would I like to photograph?

Well, like Sara France said in the pod­cast: “Dream Big…and make it happen…make that shoot”

And that is what I am going to do. If I can think it, I am going to try and do it. So here is a lit­tle of my pho­to wish list. If you would like to be apart of one or many of these (or can help in mak­ing them hap­pen, let me know!):

  1. I would like to get “mod­els” and orga­nize pho­to shoots for not just me, but for oth­er pho­tog­ra­phers to prac­tice and “expire­ment” with shots we may not have thought about. If I can get some make­up artists and cos­tume design­ers, thats a bonus! Of course, I need more lights for this too.
  2. I would love to take some mod­els into an emp­ty the­atre (like the Orpheum or State or some­thing sim­i­lar in style) and just shot var­i­ous shots…in the audi­ence, back­stage, in the lob­by, etc. Even an old movie the­atre (grand style) would be good too.
  3. I would like to find some beau­ti­ful drag queens and do lots of pho­to shoots with them. They typ­i­cal­ly can do their own make­up AND like any good Diva…their clos­ets are full of clothes. So that would take care of item #1 above. Plus there could be some inter­est­ing play on imagery there…and queens, unlike some mod­els, aren’t afraid to try out­ra­geous things…their out­ra­geous by nature…and they work the envi­ron­ment their in. (I already have GOBS of ideas for environments!)
  4. I would like to try pho­tograph­ing automobiles
  5. I would like to try some fash­ion photography
  6. I would like to be a sec­ond shoot­er at a wed­ding (wed­dings freak me out)
  7. I want to try some landscapes
  8. I want to do some self portraiture

And so much more…and I am open to oth­er thoughts…if you have been toy­ing with an idea for a per­son­al photo…if its some­thing new to me…I’ll prob­a­bly shoot it for free for you.

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