My heads a swimmin’

Recently I have been taking charge of my personal life and making some changes. The biggest has been re-learning how to eat and lose weight.

As of today, I am down 10.5 lbs…and its my second week.

But at work last night…I realized…I can’t just take charge of my personal life, I need to take charge of my professional life as well.

But what would that entail?

Thankfully I have some great resources and local inspiration to pull from (these are in no particular order).

From my best friend Kellie & Kasey, I have come to admire their creativity and how they just “create” because they can and want to (and boy do they make some beautiful works of art). I need to just make sure I give myself time to “create”. Spend a few hours painting or sketching…or walking around with my camera. Something that is creative.

From my massage therapist, Stephanie (who I consider a very dear friend and at times a goddess with great arms for relieving my aches and pain), and who has had amazing success and has such a strong drive and passion for her business; I realized that I need to make sure that I still have a passion for my business and to make sure that I find “passion” IN my business. Am I taking photos or making designs because I “have to” or because I “want to”?

From my wife’s best Friend Katie and her husband Troy (my other best friend and my go-to IT guy). I have come to admire their dependability. Its a treasure to have people who will drop everything and come running when you need them to. I have realized that I need to be dependable. Am I there for my clients (and my friends for that matter). Am I making sure that I can “drop everything and run” if need be?

From my wife I have come to love her wisdom and support and her ability to get through her to do lists. I can ask her opinion and get an honest answer; I can give her a task and know that it will be done and waiting for me when I wake up the next day. So from her I have realized I need to make sure that I am making sound decisions, that I am utilizing everything I know for my clients and that I finish personal projects I start. Also, I have a passion for “learning more” about my passions. Heck, I am going to college for it. But there are so many books or videos or podcasts that I have to “read/watch someday”. Well, someday is here!

I keep coming back to my theme song by RuPaul “Hit the Floor“:

You Wanna Win, You gotta fight,
Roll Up Your Sleeves and Take a Bite,
You better let them know

Hit. the. Floor.
Runnin’, Arrows glancin’
Ever lastin’, Like a Hurricane…

Hit. the. Floor.
Runnin like your life depended on it, use it,
before you lose it darlin’

This is no race, you better run,
This is your time, spit out your gum
You better let them know

It’s your own per sonal reprieve
Your on the road of vic tory
Get ready set and go Go GO

And it’s so true. I’m spitting out my gum and rolling up my sleeves. It’s time to hit the floor.

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