Recent­ly I have been tak­ing charge of my per­son­al life and mak­ing some changes. The biggest has been re-learn­ing how to eat and lose weight.

As of today, I am down 10.5 lbs…and its my sec­ond week.

But at work last night…I realized…I can’t just take charge of my per­son­al life, I need to take charge of my pro­fes­sion­al life as well.

But what would that entail?

Thank­ful­ly I have some great resources and local inspi­ra­tion to pull from (these are in no par­tic­u­lar order).

From my best friend Kel­lie & Kasey, I have come to admire their cre­ativ­i­ty and how they just “cre­ate” because they can and want to (and boy do they make some beau­ti­ful works of art). I need to just make sure I give myself time to “cre­ate”. Spend a few hours paint­ing or sketching…or walk­ing around with my cam­era. Some­thing that is creative.

From my mas­sage ther­a­pist, Stephanie (who I con­sid­er a very dear friend and at times a god­dess with great arms for reliev­ing my aches and pain), and who has had amaz­ing suc­cess and has such a strong dri­ve and pas­sion for her busi­ness; I real­ized that I need to make sure that I still have a pas­sion for my busi­ness and to make sure that I find “pas­sion” IN my busi­ness. Am I tak­ing pho­tos or mak­ing designs because I “have to” or because I “want to”?

From my wife’s best Friend Katie and her hus­band Troy (my oth­er best friend and my go-to IT guy). I have come to admire their depend­abil­i­ty. Its a trea­sure to have peo­ple who will drop every­thing and come run­ning when you need them to. I have real­ized that I need to be depend­able. Am I there for my clients (and my friends for that mat­ter). Am I mak­ing sure that I can “drop every­thing and run” if need be?

From my wife I have come to love her wis­dom and sup­port and her abil­i­ty to get through her to do lists. I can ask her opin­ion and get an hon­est answer; I can give her a task and know that it will be done and wait­ing for me when I wake up the next day. So from her I have real­ized I need to make sure that I am mak­ing sound deci­sions, that I am uti­liz­ing every­thing I know for my clients and that I fin­ish per­son­al projects I start. Also, I have a pas­sion for “learn­ing more” about my pas­sions. Heck, I am going to col­lege for it. But there are so many books or videos or pod­casts that I have to “read/watch some­day”. Well, some­day is here!

I keep com­ing back to my theme song by RuPaul “Hit the Floor”:

You Wan­na Win, You got­ta fight,
Roll Up Your Sleeves and Take a Bite,
You bet­ter let them know

Hit. the. Floor.
Run­nin’, Arrows glancin’
Ever lastin’, Like a Hurricane…

Hit. the. Floor.
Run­nin like your life depend­ed on it, use it,
before you lose it darlin’

This is no race, you bet­ter run,
This is your time, spit out your gum
You bet­ter let them know

It’s your own per son­al reprieve
Your on the road of vic tory
Get ready set and go Go GO

And it’s so true. I’m spit­ting out my gum and rolling up my sleeves. It’s time to hit the floor.

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