Tonight at work we got to go on a field trip!

We’re mov­ing to the next build­ing over, next month, and we final­ly got to go over and see where we will be sit­ting and stuff.

I asked my man­ag­er if she thought it felt like she was the teacher of a bunch of Kinder­gard­ners. We were explor­ing, jok­ing and just hav­ing a fun time.

We’re the only ones that will be there on 3rd shift in the whole build­ing, so some parts were dark. So it was fun try­ing to not get lost in the dark areas (I used my iPhone as a flashlight).

It was so much fun to just get out and not do “work” for a lit­tle bit.

I must admit that I work with a great group of peo­ple that get along well with each other.

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