My Letter to Road Construction (Or…”Why the DoT confuses me)

Dear Road Construction Workers,

First, I would like to thank you for hard work on the 35W corridor. Once this is complete, I know that I will have a very nice looking freeway, with no holes (well, at least until after next winter.)

But, I am befuddled by something, that I have seen recently; not only on 35W, but on other freeways.

May I ask why you have me merge to once side of the road, just to directo me to the other side?

For instance, just yesterday I was driving down 35W. This particular part had three lans of traffic. I came across a sign, and cones that had me merge to the right lane because “The Left 2 Lanes are Closed.”

But once I go near where the actual road construction as happening, you had me move all the way over to the left most lane, becuase actually “The Right 2 Lanes are Closed.”

Why wouldn’t you have just had me stay in my left lane and inform us that “The Right 2 Lanes are Closed.” Instead of having us merge back and forth?

Was this your sneaky way of making us Minnesotans practice merging and using our blinkers? If that is the case, than I am not so befuddled and applaud your sneakiness at addressing one of my other pet peeves.


The Blue MiniVan

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