Dear Road Con­struc­tion Workers,

First, I would like to thank you for hard work on the 35W cor­ri­dor. Once this is com­plete, I know that I will have a very nice look­ing free­way, with no holes (well, at least until after next winter.)

But, I am befud­dled by some­thing, that I have seen recent­ly; not only on 35W, but on oth­er freeways.

May I ask why you have me merge to once side of the road, just to direc­to me to the oth­er side?

For instance, just yes­ter­day I was dri­ving down 35W. This par­tic­u­lar part had three lans of traf­fic. I came across a sign, and cones that had me merge to the right lane because “The Left 2 Lanes are Closed.”

But once I go near where the actu­al road con­struc­tion as hap­pen­ing, you had me move all the way over to the left most lane, becuase actu­al­ly “The Right 2 Lanes are Closed.”

Why would­n’t you have just had me stay in my left lane and inform us that “The Right 2 Lanes are Closed.” Instead of hav­ing us merge back and forth?

Was this your sneaky way of mak­ing us Min­nesotans prac­tice merg­ing and using our blink­ers? If that is the case, than I am not so befud­dled and applaud your sneak­i­ness at address­ing one of my oth­er pet peeves.


The Blue MiniVan

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