Nom Nom Nom

I love pie. Not your apple, or cher­ry, or pump­kin (although they are good too). I like the more exot­ic, creami­er pies. The fluffy-ness, the fla­vors. My favorite has always been Banana Cream Pie.…but I have a new one.

I just love Fes­ti­val Food’s Coconut Meringue Pie. They actu­al­ly have a few dif­fer­ent pies that I like, and typ­i­cal­ly they have sin­gle slices in their deli, of the pies they have in their bak­er. Except the Coconut!

I wish they would have a whole pie I could buy, but alas, I have to get the sin­gle serv­ings. And, when I go in before work, there typ­i­cal­ly is only one there.

But its still very num­my. (I real­ly want to know how they make the crust. Its so crumbly, like a gra­ham crack­er crust, but softer…like the soft crumbly-ness of brown sugar…but its not that.…

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