Nom Nom Nom.…MINE.

I love donuts.…I mean, real­ly, who does­n’t?  (Unless your some kind of food freak.…then I feel sor­ry for you).

I know that they are not healthy for you…and I don’t pig out on them (like this pho­to may imply…and no, I did­n’t eat them all…I just thought it would make a great pho­to composition…go read my fat post a few years back.)


My absolute favorite donut, is that Old-Fash­ioned Glazed  right there. Some­thing about the taste and tex­ture. Espe­cial­ly ones driz­zled with choco­late stripes or sprin­kled with coconut.

I don’t like the New-Fash­ioned Glazed (a.k.a. Krispy Kremes style) They are usu­al­ly still sticky, have no sub­stance, I feel like I am eat­ing air.

The Old-Fash­ioned are fuller with a hard­er glaze.…Mmmmmm.

I also like the Bavar­i­an and white creme filled donuts (both featured).

An occa­sion­al sprin­kled is good too, when I am feel­ing a lit­tle immature.

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