I real­ly need a Junk Food Fri­day Night. I haven’t had one in forever.

I am just crav­ing so many dif­fer­ent kinds of food right now.

I am crav­ing pop­corn, piz­za, cream cheese won­tons from Pink Flower, Nachos and Cheese, Pret­zels and Cheese, Cake, Pie, A Hot Cook­ie Ice Cream Bowl, Taquitos, Taco Fla­vored Piz­za Rolls, Que­sadil­las, Big N Tasty, Chalu­pas, French Toast, Waf­fles, Panokoeken, Did I men­tion cake?, Banana Shake, Mon­ster Omlette.…okay, maybe I am just plain ole hun­gry, and all of those sound real­ly good.

(Dis­claimer: No, I don’t eat that much on a Junk Food Fri­day Night…just 3 or 4 dif­fer­ent things while I stay up for a few hours watch­ing movies or play­ing games…See my fat post from a few years ago, I don’t eat like that…I’m not a “hoard­er”.)

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