This past week­end the whole fam­i­ly was just in “game mode” so we were play­ing lots and lots of games together.

One night we were all sit­ting togeth­er play­ing “Mario Par­ty” on the Wii. We were play­ing the Haunt­ed Cas­tle one, where you have to find the big “Boo” to get a star. Well, we would try and trick oth­er play­ers and say stuff like, “You don’t want to go that way its a dead end!” or “You don’t want the star, it has Cooties!”

Well, in my excite­ment, I acci­den­tal­ly said, “You don’t want Boo’s Star, it has ‘Boo­bie Cooties”.

And Riley, out of no where, looks at us and says, “You have Booty Coobies!”

It cracked us up. He then kept repeat­ing it and get­ting way up in Amy’s face.

You can view the video here.

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