So, I haven’t writ­ten in quite awhile. Sorry.

My life has been insane­ly busy.

Col­lege: Not only has class­es start­ed up again, but both cours­es were draw­ing cours­es. Which would hav been fine and I would have enjoyed them, but they were con­densed and so busy. I had assign­ments due every oth­er day!

Work: Still not liken the whole no music and not inter­net pol­i­cy. But it is okay. The pay is good, the hours aren’t too bad. But the work can be bor­ing and then there is the nights when there is noth­ing to do.

Home: Busy as usu­al. Riley is grow­ing fast and start­ing to add more and more words to his vocab­u­lary. I will miss it when the love he gives is uncon­di­tion­al. My old­ests still give uncon­di­tion­al love, but it is less fre­quent. The signs of grow­ing older.

Board: Busy as ever. Need to adver­tise like crazy. Need to find replace­ment board mem­bers. Inter­est­ed? LOL.

Not much else. But I thought I bet­ter update ya.

I want the new iPod! With its full touch screen. (iPod Touch for those keep­ing score).

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